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Light Worker - What is a Light Worker...

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Light Worker - What is a Light Worker?

Light Energy - Light Worker...

It is an ancient belief that All Life Force comes to us through the Cosmos.
That from the outer reaches of the Universe, the distant Super Novas, and the fiery flares from our own Sun-Star, we receive life. All Life force being spirit, we then quickly understand that Spirit is everywhere and available to all.
A Lightworker is one who partici[pates with this Life Force to help re-balance, create and heal.

PRANA is the Ayurvedic word for this Life Force and we use the word Light of Evermoore or Stardust.
Read the Journey-Work pages, and the Calya Journey-Wise pages... for a FREE course in How to Use Color and Light to achieve changes... to Heal. The Life Force enrgy animates our being - it is our spirit and connects the body and soul together; a thread of energy weaving its way throughout our body and throuighout our life. It keeps our body fundtions regulated and our intellect and emotions functioning. Prana Stardust is the quantum total of all energy in the universe, manifested as matter or not, seen or unseen.

Life Force represents Universal principles and confirms to us that energy is neither created or destroyed but flows from one state to another and, therefore can also become excessive or depleted as it shifts and moves and flows. This Prana Stardust is Light and we can work with it in the form of COLORS!

We are a Living Crysdtal formation and when Life Force passes trhough us it is displayed as the rainbow of colors and forms our Color Realms goverened by Universal Principles. Read more...

Accumulations of energies can occur at any time. When there are streses or changes as simple and natural as the cycle of the seasons or ones more traumatic; energy can shift too slowly or too quickly resulting in depletions or excesses; and these can be carried in the body/soul/spirit, retained for a lifetime.

Empathy is the ability to feel the emotions and experiences of another; but not by simply logically trying to understand, but by linking with their consciousness. It is an innate gift that is found most often in women and has roots in the Female nature... Yin-Goddess-Mothering.
Mothers know what the infant needs even without words.

It is a knowing- without explanation... it is an willingness to know and to feel and to help. It is a Free Will choice. The Empath then willing shares of the energies of their Aura to bring changes and balance... healing even though they may feel drained after they do so and as any one in the Healing and Psychic Reading fields will tell you, some people drain you.


  • When asked for help and not before: assess the Color Energy need of the Seeker.
  • This will tell you the Body Area affected by the excess
  • Relaxation music and setting are important and build confidence
  • with care and empathy, point the needle end toward the Realm in distress
  • with kind, calm intention, declare the energy to be released; send a pulse of White Light
  • do not explain what you think should happen next, it is not up to you
  • focuse a beam of the balancing color Light into the area
  • when finished, calmly set aside the crystal and send with palms
  • Bless and close...

One can be trained, one can be attuned, one can be gifted… but it is still a Journey.

We need to

  • constantly balance our own energies
  • bring honor to our own motives
  • seek enlightenment for our own souls
and so be a beacon for others.    Start your own Journey...

The Healing Sign:

As you meditate and gather your Healing Light Energy over the next few days, please attach our healing sigil, the Vesica Pisces, to the Sun when you see it.
This Healing Sign will follow the "Sun's Path" connecting us all as we participate in worldwide Healing Events.

Thank you for your time, effort and blessings.