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Japamala Prayer Beads

Healing Crystals

Gemstone Jewelry

Mantras create thought energy waves which carry a focused intention.
These can be used to train the Spirit and affect the subtle energy bodies attuning with the innate primitive consciousness of the physical organs, as well.

Beautiful Sacred Japamalas.................Choose from 4

Japamala Prayer Beads are for New Age Meditation and Healing Prayers.

Made of Gemstones and natural seed beads these sacred Japamala strands are the perfect addition to your craft or healing practices.
Keep it for a lifetime or give as a gift.

Tradition tells us of an ancient practice of wearing your Japamala and praying with it for a while, steeping the beads in grace and blessings and then let Spirit tell you to whom you should give it, passing on the Japamala and the graces.

Japamalas are the most ancient form of a rosary, used to count the repetitions of a mantra, a prayer, as the spiritual self is trained. Beads in scented woods are used to involve the sense of smell of meditation. Stone beads are used to combine the powers of the stones with the meditation. The cord running through the beads symbolizes the thread of Life. Each Japamala should only be used for repetitions of one particular mantra.

Mantra Card included...

Sacred Rudraksha Japamala

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Sacred Hindu Rudraksha Seed Mala

These are seed pods from a sacred tree in India. 52 inches long with 108 beads.

Rudraksha Mala...$28.95 $10.00

Rosewood Japamala
with Turquoise

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Rosewood Mala with Turquoise

Mystick Rosewood Mala Bracelet - a shared prayer of love...

Rosewood Mala with Turquoise...$8.95 $5.00

Sandalwood Japamala Bracelet

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Sandalwood Mala Bracelet

Sacred Sandalwood, the fragrance of prayer...

Sold Out

Sandalwood Mala Bracelet...$6.95

Multi-Gemstone Japamala

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Gorgeous Multi-Gemstone Mala:
32 inches

Carnelian, Quartz, Agates, Amethyst and more...

Sold Out

Multi-Gemstone Mala....$24.95 $10.00