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Agate Meaning

 Moss Agate Tumbled

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 Moss Agate Chakra Pendant

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 Carnelian Agate Tumbled

The Metaphysical Meaning of Agate

So many beautiful Agates to love...!

Agate Meaning: Agate specimens are said to be helpful protection against self destructive patterns and to help break down the unwanted to re-create the new; like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Blue, Pink, Brown, Gray and many other colors are formed when volatile gases erupt from a lava flow and leave a pocket, the pocket is sometimes filled by layer after layer of silicone matter...layers of Quartz and other stones... and this forms Agate.

Being born of fire aligns them with Fire elements and the attributes of those Realms; ambition, drive, creativity, vital strength, and singular power to protect the self with vital force.

They are seen with many bands and swirls of color which shows their help in structuring our lives.

The rich deep Green Magick of abundance, growth and all living things is swirled through this stone.

Moss Agate is known for:

  • balancing giving and receiving
  • helping to remove resentments
  • re-building natural flow and structure
  • repairing and healing damage
  • restructuring finances

Very healing for Body, Soul and Spirit as it rebuilds the best underlying beliefs and structures in a natural way.

Agates are colorful and Metaphysically carry the energies of destroying the old patterns to create the new; re-structuring and working through problems step by step. They assist in logical thinking and help to keep us stable.

Metaphysical Meaning of Carnelian Agate

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