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Gemstone Meanings- Aventurine

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The Metaphysical Meaning of Aventurine

Aventurine - the Stone of Endurance...

Aventurine Meaning:

The Lovers Stone... Aventurine is the best gemstone for helping to strengthen your compassionate relationships to others. Because it is so closely linked with the growing and re-structuring properties of nature, it is the perfect Healer's stone. It is soothing to hold and work with in body layouts.

Known as the Lovers Stone, it helps with tolerance and allowing another to fail... forgiveness... which is what keeps relationships compassionate.

Known for:

  • affecting the Heart, Lungs, Arms, Hands
  • helps with reaching out and accepting another
  • calls in the healing powers of restructuring for the better
Keeps us willing to give and receive and allow another to fail.

Carry one with you for Forgiveness.

As the Green Realm is located at the heart/lungs/arms/chest, Aventurine is used to benefit the giving and receiving of things like love, abundance, and wealth and also oxygen as the heart pumps... rekindling the body fire.

Helping with bones and the blood supply to them, Green Aventurine strengthens this energy as the core structures which hold us up in strength. It is precious and it connects all parts of the body and so to carry strengthening powers throughout, use Bloodstone.

This is a perfect stone to use when there is need to strengthen during recovery. Keep Bloodstone in your Medicine Pouch.

Properties of Aventurine:

Aventurine is a form of Quartz which comes in a variety of colors: peach, white, yellow, blue, and gray, but most commonly it is green. Because there are sometimes mica inclusions there is often a silvery shimmer found in Aventurine and it is also often translucent. This makes it a wonderful stone for jewelry but it is used in landscape design and construction such as fountains, as well.

Magickal Properties of Aventurine:

Aventurine is associated with Beloved Healing Magick. It is used as a link to the Elements and Earth energies for sympathetic Magick to invoke the deep, natural, healing properties which exist on this planet and in our own bodies... remarkable, healing properties and the manifesting of abundance; perhaps not money-wealth but the wealth of deep peace and tolerance which help us all to flourish through sharing and caring.

'I love who you are... just as you are...' is the voice of this stone.

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