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Gemstone Meanings- Bloodstone

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The Metaphysical Meaning of Bloodstone

Bloodstone - the Stone of Endurance...

Bloodstone Meaning:

The Endurance Stone... Bloodstone is the best gemstone for helping to strengthen your resolve and fight while maintaining your tolerance and compassion. Medieval Christians called it martyr's stone and developed the legend which said that the red flecks were drops of the blood of the Christ and other martyrs. The endurance that it increases within the gem-sensitive supports this name.

It also is called Sun-Turner or Heliotrope in Greek as it was used in Magick to lengthen or shorten the days when needed in times of battle.

Benefits of Bloodstone:

  • Purify Motives
  • Strengthen resolve
  • Strengthen the giving of love
  • Relieve heartache
  • Increase circulation
  • The Endurance stone - when life is hard

As the Green Realm is located at the heart/lungs/arms/chest, Bloodstone is used to benefit the giving and receiving of things like love, abundance, and wealth and also blood and oxygen.
And with the Burgundy Realm being at the hips, Bloodstone is used to fire up the motives and empower the warrior-self.

Blood gives life. It is precious and it connects all parts of the body and so to carry strengthening powers throughout, use Bloodstone.

This is a perfect stone to use when there is need to strengthen during recovery. Keep Bloodstone in your Medicine Pouch.

Properties of Bloodstone:

Bloodstone is a semi precious mineral of a dark green variety of Chalcedony with small blood red flecks of iron oxide throughout which give it its name.

It is microcrystaline in structure - tiny crystals which cannot be seen with the naked eye - hidden strength.(Chemical formula SiO2 silicon dioxide. Bloodstone is quite hard, measuring a 7 on the Mohs scale, and so it used for beautiful carvings and jewelry.

Quality Bloodstone is found in many areas of the world - Australia, Brazil, China and the United States and a great mass of it in Scotland.

The Green color is derived from chlorite particles, while the red spots are caused by iron oxide streaks running throughout.

Magickal Properties of Bloodstone:

Bloodstone is associated with Warrior Magick. It has been used since ancient times on the battlefield and to empower especially the honorable warrior who is willing to sacrifice for the cause.

This healing stone is known for giving Empowerment to the body and the blood... to strengthen with courage, power, and kindness to do what must be done - and to do this for a very long time.

'Love is long suffering and kind...' could be the motto for this stone. "Endurance"

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