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Carnelian Gemstone Meaning

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Carnelian Gemstone Meaning

Carnelian... Fiery Sun Power

The deep Orange Color of Carnelian is warm and intense...

Read more here about the New Age and Metaphysical use and properties of the Healing Stone Carnelian and Orange Color Healing.

New Age Carnelian Meaning

Metaphysically, Orange evokes the fire of the Sun and has long been considered the color of capturing the Solar Powers; intense, focused, unrelenting and absolutely necessary to life.

A member of the Chalcedony Family of gemstones, Quartz and Morganite combined (Silicon Dioxide base), the Orange of Carnelian comes from the addition of Iron Oxide. It colors can range from Peach-Orange to deep dark Brown Orange. Agates are also related to Carnelian as is Sard, which is nearly interchangeable with Carnelian being harder and rougher.

It was used in most Ancient cultures including Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Celtic. With it's abundant availability, the warmth of Carnelian was desired even as far back as the Bronze Age. Because of the waxy texture of it's surfaced when polished, it was used in signet rings and royal seals; wax does not stick to it and the stamped image is clean and clear.

Carnelian is easily worked, cut, carved and polished and this made it perfect for jewelry and adornment on other vessels like shields and vases.
Carnelian and Orange are said to increase the appetite. This is because the Sun and Fire can out-devour everything. It works on the lower abdomen/lower back realm where we hold our intentions, what helps the insecure person to find strength within them so they can come into their own. It is said to increase the appetite.

It is called the "sobriety stone" and said to enliven the mind, but this is how it does it. When we are confused, emotional and reacting from the emotions we are in a Yin state, a time of looking inward and focusing on our inner selves. Carnelian and Orange energies turn this outward helping us to look beyond, expand, and take control of the powers that are ours so that we can focus on what we want and accomplish our goals.

New Age Benefits of Carnelian Gemstone Jewelry

  • Increases energy- like the Sun
  • Protects against bad vibrations- increases Sense of well being
  • Guards against poverty- makes you feel free, open, like anything is possible
  • Balances the lower abdomen/lower back Chakra- Focused intentions
  • Lifts sense of humor- because you feel in complete control
  • Calms the temper - clears soggy emotions- burns them away like the Sun

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