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Citrine Gemstone Meaning

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Citrine Gemstone Meaning

Golden Citrine - the Stone of Enlightenment...

Citrine Meaning:

Golden Yellow, the color of Light; Citrine works to open the doorway to enlightenment.

A member of the Quartz Family of gemstones having a Silicon Dioxide base, the yellow of Citrine comes from the addition of Iron included in it's composition and the variations can range from palest clear to dark golden orange.

Citrine's golden vibrations work on the Solar Plexus and diaphragm the - Third Chakra. Breath work with Citrine and this Color Energy, expands the inner gateway between what we know intellectually and believe instinctually--- it opens the way to unite the Physical (Yang) Chakras with the Emotional (Yin) Chakras blending the energies and forming harmony within the person.

Citrine brings the "Light" of Enlightenment and causes understanding and discernment of things. It helps us to welcome change and not fear it; to learn from mistakes and not feel ashamed by them. Opening the Solar Plexus allows us to reach out, step out of the box and grow in our way of thinking... Enlightenment...

It is called the "Guides stone" because it helps to increase the Enlightenment to be shared with others; a guiding light.

Metaphysical Meaning: Citrine:

  • aligns with Solar Plexus Yellow Realm
  • expands your awareness
  • enhances new ideas, and your ability to change

Citrine opens your mind and "gut"/Solar Plexus nerve center, to new thoughts; things you have not thought possible before. Citrine keeps us mindful that in order to learn anything new, we must "put down our box" of what we think we know and be open to the new that is constantly arriving. Can ease tension headaches and balance Purple energies when emotions are high. Carry one with you for "A Light when all else fails"!

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