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Gemstone Meanings- Fluorite

 Green Fluorite Pendulum

 Fluorite Bracelet

 Fluorite Tumbled

 Fluorite Eggs

 Fluorite Point Pendant

 Fluorite Palm Stone

 Fluorite Necklace

 Fluorite Beads

        Fluorite, Faeries, Fools...

 Rough Cubic Fluorite

 Fluorite Tip Wand

 Fluorite Tip Wand

Tranquility Grid Fluorite Tranquility Grid

 Violet Healing Oil

 Fluorite Wrap Pendant

 Fluorite Pyramid

 Fluorite Brass Pendant

The Metaphysical Meaning of Fluorite

Multicolor Fluorite - the Stone of Soothing...

Fluorite Meaning:

The Forgiveness Stone... Fluorite is the best gemstone for keeping relationships healthy and loving. Fluorite has many colors and therefore a combination of benefits.

Benefits of Fluorite:

  • increasing the intensity of the emotions- Purple
  • removing guilt and increasing playfulness- Aqua/Teal
  • balancing love, acceptance and forgiveness- Green
  • increasing feelings of gratitude and contentment- White-Violet
  • open, un-inhibited, fresh starts- Yellow

This is a perfect stone to give to someone with whom there are tensions or hard feelings.
Keep Fluorite on your desk to help create a soothing space.

Properties of Fluorite:

Fluorite is a soft mineral (calcium fluoride) of various colours, and occurs in many areas.
It is formed in hydro thermal conditions, water and heat and has the wonderful property of being fluorescent; that is, it glows in the dark under ultraviolet light!

It is a chief source of fluorine and gave it's name to this elemental.
Because of it's fine crystal structure Fluorite is used in the manufacturing of glass and highly refined telescope lenses; and because of it's low melting point it is used as a flux in steel making.

Magickal Properties of Fluorite:

Fluorite is associated with Faerie Magick.

The glowing shifts of color and light take us to the shifts of thought and reality, like the wing of a dragonfly or faerie.

In Celtic Tradition and lore, very often the Faer Folk would whisk a person away to play, dance, tell stories and run a merry chase. Some times they didn't come back to their senses all the way... they stayed a bit "dulally" or "wild-child and natural".

When someone is acting silly, adventursome, and un-inhibited, he is said to be "off with the Faeries" or "fae". But what is wrong with that? We all need to be childlike once in a while, innocent, young-at-heart and completely caught up in the wonder of Nature.

In Spring, when Spring fever hits and all things seem possible, any project doable and you feel like you have been freed from a dreary Winters sleep; run off with the Faer Folk and April-Fools, just a little while, and be a bit dulally!

The incredible color vibrations of Fluorite< are a combination of Purple, Teal, Green and Magenta. These make a synergy...that is: the power of the parts when together is greater then the power of the parts when separate.

Purple is Magickal Power and Emotional feelings felt in the eyes/ears/nose. Teal(dark Aqua) works on releasing guilt from your shoulders. Green, working on heart and lungs, balances giving and receiving. Magenta Pink helps us to be Sovereign while allowing others their rights as well.

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