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Metaphysical Meaning of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis... the Stone of Joy!

Lapis Meaning

Blue is the color of the pure self-worth, joy, and perfect timing.

Finest Lapis Lazuli is an unmistakable, intense Blue lightly veined with shimmering gold Pyrite. It is very beautiful and was highly prized by Ancients both as jewelry for adornment and as a medicinal.

It's name means "stone of La-zhvard" in the Middle East, and that was all that needed to be said; everyone knew and prized this gem. Some of the very best still comes from that region of Afghanistan.

Lapis is a rock composed of a variety of minerals including Sodium, Aluminium, Silicon, Oxygen, Sulfur, and Chloride to name a few. It grows in a compact mass and therefore is a strong shield stone. It was used as one of the biblical stones of the breastplate of the high priests in ancient Hebrew text.

Highly prized by Egyptian Magick, it was ground into powder for healing, aphrodisiacs, family fidelity, fertility, reflecting the River Nile Goddess and was used in burials to refresh the dead and guide them to the River of Life.
It has a long history in many cultures of being used in dyes, paint, cosmetics and body decorating.

The energies of Lapis Lazuli are deeply connected to real joy; not just fleeting happiness, but the joy of knowing one's worth, to others and more importantly to one's self.
This self-knowledge and self-worth come from how we are treated and viewed by our family. The more a child is made the center of the Universe at home, the stronger is his sense of what he is worth.

Traditional Benefits of Lapis Gemstone Jewelry

  • Harmony in Relationships- makes one sure of their worth
  • Truth- empowers the throat to bring confidence to the words
  • Aids family- generational pride and acceptance
  • Balances the Throat Chakra- Thyroid regulates functions
  • Reveals worth to self- removes self doubt
  • Helpful in shyness- takes focus off trying to be heard
  • Helps dizziness and light head- soothes nerves, removes fear of being pushed down

Lapis is a symbol of beauty and helps us to see our own reflection, our own beauty. This true knowing relieves depression and replaces it with joy. Little wonder that it is called the "Total Awareness stone" by some, this is how it does it:

Blue Healing stones, and especially Lapis with it's intense Blue color and deep gold shimmer, work on the neck and throat. This Magick shows us how we fit into our family, that we truly are an irreplaceable and much needed link in the family chain.

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