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Gemstone Meanings- Lepidolite

 Lepidolite Rough

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The Metaphysical Meaning of Lepidolite

Lepidolite - the Stone of Tranquility...

Lepidolite Meaning:

The Peace Stone... Lepidolite is the best gemstone for helping to calm the emotions and bring in tranquil thoughts. Because it is so closely linked with the calming properties of nature, it is the perfect stone for those times when chaos increases and stress reigns. It is soothing to hold and work with in body layouts.

Known as the Peace Stone, it helps with to relax the mind and widen the Third Eye... allowing the mind to change its perceptions or fiercely held beliefs... which is usually what keeps chaos ruling. Meditation with Lepidolite helps usher in that Mystickal Change of the Mind and Enlightenment as to what could be with "Truth be known and True Colors be shown".

Metaphysically known for:

  • smoothing emotional tides and nerves
  • helping to change the mind
  • bringing clear realizations
  • seeing our true progress
Allows us to truly see ourself.

Carry one with you as your Metaphysical stone of Peace and Gratitude.

As the Violet Realm is located at the forehead (Third Eye), Lepidolite is used to benefit the Mystickal and Metaphysical bodes. The emittance of Light Healing energy and the taking in of Spiritual messages.

Helping with nerves and the brain, Lepidolite calms this energy and helps weave it into a smooth and functioning pattern. It is precious and it connects all parts of the body, soul, spirit.

This is a perfect stone to use when there is need to allow gratitude for what is to rule instead of strong willed convictions.

Properties of Lepidolite:

Lepidolite is a rock that contains the minerals and elementals Potassium, Silicon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Fluorine, Aluminum and Lithium. It is the traces of Lithium which make this stone so beneficial for calming nerves and bringing feelings of Peace and Tranquility.

Magickal Properties of Lepidolite:

Lepidolite is associated with Faery Magick and Violet brings Calm, Centered Peace and Fullness of Grace.

The Color Magick of Violet is that it helps us to let go; and more over to be mindful and aware. It softens our desperate emotions, and lets us re-align our thinking.

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Lepidolite is a more rare form of Mica - it grows in transparent sheets- and Lithium is a soft silvery chemical element (Li)and is the lightest of the metals and least dense. Together we use them to seek peace and sooth irritations. When the time comes to re-align your battle weary emotions - Lepidolite/Lithium is a lovely stone to use.

Used in body placements it helps to heighten the frequency - fine tune. Used in the Flight of the Dove - the Shaman's overview of just how far one has progressed in their spiritual Journey and to glimpse the distant Realms where one wishes to go. I use it in Violet Realm of Fahaltryn to sail away on a tranquil sea of glass to th eisland of the Sleeping Dragon.

  • Drift on a Sea of Glass
  • Island of the Sleeping Dragon awaits
  • Alone... Re-align your Thinking
  • Truth be Known
  • Relax, Release
  • Be Grateful for Lessons Learned

'Truth be Known, True Colors be Shown. ' is the voice of this stone.

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