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Gemstone Meanings: Quartz

Quartz Chakra Acra Quartz Chakra Acra

 Gim-Daegn Crystals

 Quartz Tumbled Stone

 Aura Quartz Tumbled Stone

 Quartz Point Pendant

 White Quartz Point Pendant

 Quartz Merkaba Pendulum

 Quartz Orb Pendulum

 Girasol Quartz Palm Stone

 Quartz Merkaba

  Gold Quartz Merkaba

 Quartz 20 Point Merkaba

 Quartz 14 Point Merkaba

 Quartz Angel Star Wand

 Quartz Healing Crystals

 Quartz 12 Sided Pendulum

 Quartz Healers Tool

 Quartz Chakra Pendulum

 Quartz Clusters

 Quartz Faceted Pendulum

 Quartz Aurora Crystal Balls

 Quartz Gold Rutile Orbs

 Quartz Whisper Pendulums

  Quartz: Herkimer

 Quartz Bind Rune: Healing

 Quartz Cluster w/Unicorn

 White Healing Oil

  Quartz Faceted Crystals

Metaphysical Meaning of Quartz

Quartz... Perfection of Divine Light

Quartz Meaning and Use

Common? yes, but that is the point. The uncommon, ethereal beauty of the Quartz crystal is abundant and available to all. From childhood, we all are drawn to the spark of life flashing in the Quartz crystal; to the rainbow colors caught within it. We are drawn to it because it is healing and somehow we know. Let's see how we can use this gift.

Quartz crystals have an atomic pattern like our own double helix DNA; the atoms grow in aligned pairs. Quartz has vibrational molecules of Threes and Sixes which, in the Sacred Geometry - the way all things relate to each other- gives Quartz a creation and beloved energy; it captures Divine Light and magnifies it - much like the soul. In this way it assists our efforts and amplifies our powers of receiving and transmitting. It is a stone full of Mercy and Grace to share.

Everyone Needs the Power of Quartz...

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Quartz Crystals vibrate on such a precise frequency that they are used to tune radios, keep time and power computers. Quartz will receive, activate, store, transmit, and magnify all energies. You can use Quartz in your Healing and Magick and easily Program your Quartz Crystals for certain specific tasks including your own cell revitalizer to help rejeuvenate and revitalize for it works on a clear frequency at a deep level.

The nature of the Quartz crystalline structure causes the light entering the crystal to split or refract creating a prismatic affect. This gives us access to all the color energies and makes Quartz our special complete tool for healing and altering states of being. It is empowering. Quartz not only energizes however, it balances because it will relieve that which is not wanted - such as trauma, dis-ease, entanglements of the Auric Web and memories- while restoring the energies lacking - centeredness, equilibrium, harmonic Auric tones.
Quartz brings optimum balance.

Traditional Benefits of Quartz Gemstone Jewelry

  • Helps you to step Through the Mystick Veil!
  • Intensifies Spirit Connections
  • Meet Past, Present and Future Self and merge
  • Belong to the Oneness of Spirit
  • Feel/ Hear Spirit Response
  • Quartz is the best to help you increase Faery Magick
  • Still Point, Next Level, Well Done!

Benefits of Using Quartz in Meditation

In Healing and Magick, Quartz helps you to develop a link with the Spiritual Realms - you feel you are welcome and belong to something greater than yourself while still retaining your individual identity and self-worth.

Quartz empowers all Magick.

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