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Rose Quartz Meaning

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 Rose Quartz Pendulum

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Rose Quartz Meaning...

Rose Quartz... Stone of My Highest Good

The Pink of Rose Quartz is full of strength contained with power...

Rose Quartz Meaning Rose quartz is a type of quartz which ranges in the pink colors; nearly clear to quite opaque. Rose Quartz grows in masses, that is flatter, denser crystal forms and rarely in spiked crystals.

Like the Rose for which it is named, Rose Quartz is widely known as a Stone of Love; but it is a stone of self-love.
We can not truly love another until we love ourselves. Until we allow ourselves to reach for our highest good and most cherished dreams, we cannot allow another and so we will belittle their efforts and shake our heads at their "crazy plans".

But here on this Earth plane, we are given the opportunity to experience the trying and the dreams. We are here to awaken our will and our divinity to realize our full potential as aspects of the Divine Light. That is the work of the Pink Realm and the Crown Chakra and that is the action of Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz symbolizes sovereignty. It works with the energies of the Crown of your head and can be thought of as putting on your crown of royal office. The Healing Energies this brings are to be self-reliant, self-determining and self-accepting.

It also balances that sovereignty so that we wield our regal power with compassion and mercy; that is, we learn to let go of self-condemning energies and those of condemning the behaviors of others. The highest point of sovereignty is to let another be sovereign, too.

This brings about LOVE. We love ourselves and we love others; and the whole of life seems more rosey! We encourage our own dreams and plans and those of others. The Healing Energy of Rose Quartz is power and strength with mercy- mighty tenderness.

Although Rose Quartz is considered pink and pretty, a delicate feminine stone, it really is a stone for everyone and will raise appreciation for the goddess energies, gentleness, compassion, self-discipline and LOVE.

Traditional Benefits of Rose Quartz

  • Increases balancing energy- transitions like the setting sun from Masculine to Feminine
  • Protects against feeling submissive- increases sense of self-reliance
  • Guards against depression- makes you feel free, open, like anything is possible
  • Balances the Crown and Knee Chakras- Self-direction but allowing others their say
  • Awakens divinity- because you find your powerful strength with mercy in thought and action
  • Opens the soul to beauty - by increasing kindness and acceptance

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