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Gemstone Meanings- Sodalite

 Tumbled Sodalite

 Sodalite Healers Wand

 Sodalite Wand with Fluorite

 Indigo Healing Oil

The Metaphysical Meaning of Sodalite

The Mage's Voice Stone... the Wisdom to speak when the need arises.

Sodalite Meaning: The Dream Stone...

Metaphysically, Sodalite is the stone of Dreams becoming reality; opening the voice. Sodalite works on the Indigo Chakra Realm enhancing imagination, seeing, visions, dreams, and especially wit. Wit is the keen moment when things become clear and you know... you just know what would be right, funny, clever, sympathetic, comforting,and just exactly what to say.
That is why Sodalite is called the The Mage's Voice Stone. It helps bring us the Wisdom to speak when the need arises. It's Indigo of the deep thoughts melds with the White of Spirit.

Sodalite is known for:

  • bringing the right Words to mind, thwarting bullies
  • Enchantments, Incantations, Imagination
  • strengthening belief in our own opinions

Sodalite helps to keep us mindful that there are boundaries in this world and the next - we must believe this so that we are respectful in both. you may be having intense dreams or even waking dreams and the veil between the worlds is thin for you just  now. Your imagination is sparkling and active and you almost feel as though you can't keep up. Laughter and striking wit are  yours and you are sailing through the starlit sky like in a dream. Believe in your magick; take courage and believe in your  dreams! There may be someone around you who is a scoffer, always belittling your flights of fancy and imaginings of what  could be if only... Tell on them, like a child... tell on them in a Meditation and drape yourself in Indigo Healing Energy.. your  Magick surrounds you now...

What is Sodalite:

With a chemical formula of Na 8(Al 6Si 6O 24)Cl Sodalite is a hard but brittle stone and grows in mass crystal formation which although usually dark blue, can also be grey, yellow, green, or pink and is often mottled with white veins and patches. It can range from opaque to translucent and is used in carved ornaments and jewelry, too.

Benefits of Wearing Sodalite

In Healing and Magick, Sodalite it is most useful for increasing our in depth understanding of the existence of Magick. It carries us away to the Realms of possibilities and displays the wonder of our dreams... Sodalite looks like a starry, starry night and scrying with it is a helpful tool when you have forgotten how to look beyond yourself.

Indigo Chakra Healing...

  The Indigo Personality...