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Gemstone Meanings- Tiger Eye

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The Metaphysical Meaning of Tiger Eye

Stability through Flexibility: Golden... Red... or Blue...

Tiger Eye Meaning:

The Student's Stone... The eyes of the tiger are represented with the shifting golden brown light of this stone.

Benefits of Brown Tiger Eye:

  • Brings Stability through Flexibility
  • Helps clarify Records, Books, Patterns
  • Writer's Stones - Study Stones
  • Memory Aid- Record Keeper- History
  • Connecting to Past Life Information
  • Helps you to know what to ask
  • Keeps you stay Stable when you find out the Truth

Tiger Eye has bands of "chatoyance" or shifts of light like in a cat's eye. This is caused by the minerals, Quartz and crocidolite, being deposited in banded layers over many years; light refracts between the layers. A semi precious gemstone found in South Africa, may be yellowish-brown, bluish, or red in color with bands of darker and lighter shades across its surface. It has a silky luster, and catches the light causing the chatoyant quality.

The Tiger Eye is not necessarily good for your eyes, it is an aid to discernment and remembering, seeing in your mind's eye. A good students stone and, because of the bands, a stone worth working with if you are delving into Past Life work.

Because of the Brown Gold color of golden Tiger Eye, it causes action on the Knee Chakra or Realm. This enables us to understand that there is authority over us and that resistance or rebellion causes stress and chaos. Laws protect. Brown Tiger Eye will strengthen the knees to help you bow down to another's point of view.

Metaphysical Meaning of Red Tiger Eye:

  • Increases Vigor and Vital Life Force
  • Warrior's Stones - Helps Stand Up to Bullies
  • Increases Sexual Drive
  • Think Clearly to Make a Plan
  • Fires up Creativity
  • Helps you to Accomplish

Metaphysical Meaning of Blue Tiger Eye:

  • Whimsy, Words, Enchantments
  • Imagination, Night Sky Magick
  • Thoughts and Beliefs Create
  • Mystickal, Magickal Meditations

Tiger Eye Magick:

In Healing and Magick, Tiger Eye helps us to "see" with the mind's eye. This is used for Memory Charms, studying, Past Life work and age related memory lapses.

A good incantation to use while working with any of the Tiger Eye colors is, "Gemyndn". This means to capture the memory.

  • Brown for Past records
  • Red for keeping strength in confrontations
  • Blue for keeping mindful of boundaries

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