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How to Meet your Spirit Guides

So, You Want to Meet Your Spirit Guide...

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Once you Know Your Guide:

Once you have met and become comfortable with this new friend you need to develop a relationship. You must believe in the Magick!

Listen to your thoughts, dreams and watch for little signs in nature or your surroundings which seem repetitious like a code.

To Start:

Tell your guide to show you a particular number for the day. You will be amazed at the results.

More Code work with your Spirit Guide...

How to Meet your Spirit Guides

Learn to meet and work with your Spirit Guides...

What are Spirit Guides:

A Spirit Guide is a being who is no longer bound by the Physical laws of Time, Space and matter who has agreed to guide us on Life's journey.

Many Spiritual people, Psychics, Mediums and Mysticks, like me, believe that we and those who now act as Spirit Guides for us have lived many other lifetimes. We have known them or have had some relationship with them such as friend, relative, lover or even adversary. Now, before we incarnated and came back to this plane, we have agreed to work out our Journey, and perhaps "Karmic debts", together; one in this world and one or more still in the other.

Some Psychics believe that Guides have advanced beyond the need to return to this Earth plane and have evolved to a "Higher" status. Others feel that a Spirit Guide's role of helping us is part of their enlightenment process; next time around we may stay in the Beyond and they may be here!

It is possible to meet your Spirit Guide in a dream, an astral projection, a meditation, or even through another, a Medium. I can help you meet yours.

I think different guides help us at various times in our lives. So even though we may have been working with one for a while there may be someone new coming in to help with a new project, phase or age.

Here is a high level practice.
See if you feel that you would like to try it:

When you are ready to meet your current main Spirit Guide, set aside a clear time, in a clear space. Relax, deep breathe... State out loud that you would like to speak openly with your "chief guide" or whatever title you want to use.

Say that you are ready to work with this guide and are eager to discern this spirit. This reminds all concerned that you do not have to accept a guide just because they come through to you.

Then say: "Show yourself, speak your name and tell me who you are...."

Next: allow the spirit to speak using your own voice. Close your eyes and just start making a sound to activate your vocal cords. See if you see a face or being... animal, person, angel, relative, spirit....

NOW: Discern means to judge for worth. Does the spirit feel bright? Helpful or harmful? If the spirit ever says or guides you toward anything that may harm you or another you have the divine right to reject and cast it away from you. A spirit cannot attach or work with you if you do not invite it to do so or allow it to continue.

You always have free will.  As we Journey towards our Sovereignty and wholeness, we must remember that fact.