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Merkaba -12 point Quartz

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12 Point Quartz Merkaba.....$26.95

You are a child of the Universe...

Beautiful Quartz is carved and polished with great precision into 12 pointed Merkaba Star - a sparkling burst of White Realm energy!

This Quartz Star comes with my Starburst Meditation to help expand your energy to feel like you truly belong - journey through the heart of a star! Exclusive to Calya of Old-Earth.

Merkabas are known for their Light Healing Gifts. With proper Meditation techniques, it is said that this 12 point Merkaba Star can be used to transform your Spiritual Aura.

This Meditation helps you to increase your Auric energies of belonging to the Higher Realms and align with your gifts.

Metaphysical Meaning of Quartz

  • Mer means connecting thread- Light
  • Ka means The Spirit or Astral Self
  • Ba means The Body or Physical Self

The 12 points on this star give it a sacred Geometry of 3 - meaning creation energy, which makes it a necessity for your Healers Tool Kit. (See Sacred Geometry)

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Shipped to you packed securely and safely in a plastic container...

This Merkaba - (also spelled Mer-ka-ba) - Healing Crystal is presented here with 12 points in Amethyst for activation of the Light Body and the Physical Body in Awakening deep Spiritual Transformation.

Belonging Meditation and Desiderata Included...

Align... Energize... Connect... Belong...!

12 Point Quartz Merkaba


Sold Out


2 inch

Color Healing:

Clear Quartz

You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Read the Desiderata here...

I received this beautiful crystal and it is with gratitude to the crystal kingdom and yourself that this energy has entered into my life and work in what maybe in right timing. What am I to discover through this form?
I felt intuited that initially it was to spend time in my 'sacred space' within my garden for 3 days and nights to become acquainted with the energies of the space and the other crystals that sit within the space.

Once again I wanted then to sit one-to-one with it, but no, not until the completion of the Reiki 1 Course I ran on the 21st/22nd March. My guidance that the Crystal had to be part of it, sitting on a v. Large Amethyst crystal on the created Altar. I have to say this was an unusually powerful weekend.
At last, last night I received the OK and sat with the Crystal in my sacred space and received this Message:

"Let my light shine into the hearts and minds of those that touch my form. My purpose is to lighten the denser parts of the hue-man form that hold patterns of stuck-ness in negative self belief, negative thought forms and self sabotaging behaviour. My created and constructed form was bought forward in service to hue-mankind. I have the energetic ability to reach down the 'Time Line' to loosen the ties of Ancestral Patterning held in 'bondage.' As a cleansing Cosmic Breath my form aligns with the 'whispering winds' as they pass through the ' Eternal Forest', supporting the surrendering of 'Pain & suffering'. As the Crescent Moon begins its journey to revealing the 'wholeness' of my form, so shall we, in the work we undertake together reveal the 'wholeness of our Individual and United purpose,
May our journey commence ~ Blessed Be.
Thought you would like me to share this with you.

Rainbow blessings
Pauline xxx