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Quartz Merkaba

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Merkaba: Mer-ka-ba
Healing Crystal Tool of Ascension

Merkabas are known for their Light Healing Gifts. With proper Meditation techniques, it is said that this Merkaba Star can be used to transport your Spirit in time.

Go back and give yourself courage, comfort and support when you most needed them.
Solstice Self-Healing Meditation is included.

  • Mer means connecting thread- Light
  • Ka means The Spirit or Astral Self
  • Ba means The Body or Physical Self

The 20 points on this star give it a sacred Geometry of 2 - meaning partnership and merging which make it a necessity for your Healers Tool Kit. (See Sacred Geometry)

Quartz Metaphysical Meaning & Products

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This Merkaba - (also spelled Mer-ka-ba) - Healing Crystal is presented here with 20 points in Quartz for activation of the Light Body and the Physical Body in Awakening deep Spiritual Transformation.

Please always follow the advice of your own health-care provider.

Self-Healing Meditation Included...

20 Point Merkaba


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Color Healing:

Silver and White

A Merkaba Star is the symbol of the vehicle of Divine Light which is used by Healing Masters to enter the higher realms of being...
It is a tool for Ascension.

As a Healers Tool, these Quartz Merkaba Stars extend a focused pulse of intention not only for distance healing but also reaching through the Astral Realms and affecting healing in time.
This 20 Point Mer-ka-ba is called an Icosahedron shape - interlocked triangles, which tradition tells us gives it the property of being able to receive, amplify, and transmit energies from and to all directions at once with keenly high vibrations.

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