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New Age: New Age Metaphysical Meaning

New Age Journey Work

Above is the art work by Michele LaFlamme for the Calya Meditation CD.

It shows the Journey Pathway which leads us to find the Palace of our own Regal Divinity; the place where our truest self resides.

The Tree of Life roots us in Nature and shelters our fragile humanity while it's branches reach to the Heavens, spanning the work of Human and Divine; while the Swirls of Energy, encircling the Path, form the Portal we must enter to Journey to the Other Realms. It is this very Life Force which we use to make changes and progress.

A cat totem acts as a guide and a Sword of Truth as protection.
Safe Passage, O, Seeker... Journey-Wise.

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Starting your Personal Path

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The Magickal Life:

Your Aura shifts and changes daily, like the weather patterns of the planet.
Each Auric Realm vibrates at a different Color Frequency; and each Realm has its own issues and ailments, questions and victories.

No one else can tell you when you are ready to make changes, face shadows; only your own body, soul, and spirit can say; and just knowing that you need to change doesn't mean you know how to change!

Use the Calya System and Participate in your own life! Use the Color Messages from your own Aura to help you navigate your Journey-Quest!

A New Age belief is that we all exist in the Before Time. We plan our lifetimes and lessons with our Soul-groups working out what situations will form us and who will come into each others life and when. Honor and kindness are always the highest good.

To know how to walk your Path with honor, use my Calya Journey-Wise System - start here...

New Age Metaphysical Movement

What is "New Age"? ...and what does it mean?

The belief that there is more to Human Nature than what we can first perceive is not new- it is Ancient. The New Age Movement puts forth that Humans contain a spark of Divine Light that is sheathed in our Humanity. It is the purpose of the Human Nature to Awaken and release the Divine Spark and to develop our Divine Nature to the best of our ability. This is the meaning of the New Age.

Journeying back to the Awakening of who we truly are is the Journey and the meaning of New Age Metaphysical teaching.

The release of the New Age Energies came in with the Age of Aquarius in the 1960's. Love, acceptance of the beliefs of others, and the re-conditioning of social mores to open the whole planet to the New Age was a wide 'Sweep of the Spirit' and continues to this day.

What does Metaphysical Mean?

The word Metaphysical is defined as 'meta' meaning above or beyond and 'physical' meaning that which can be seen, known, and measured. It is the study, then, of the ultimate structure of existence.

It is said that Metaphysical thought began with Aristotle, but perhaps he was one of the first to write about such things, for the thoughts began with scentience; and that is one of the New Age beliefs; that the Divine Spark which elevates thought, came upon us from afar.

A belief that there is a Beyond, a Before, a Between and After Time are contained in Metaphysical thought. That there is a Divine Oneness to which we belong and that belongs to us binds New Agers together. It is in the reaching out to this Oneness that we use the Metaphysical and believe in the Divine Purpose for our lives.

It is a commonly held belief that we judge our souls and then plan the lessons and relationships for our next life with our soul-mates... those who journey with us - like ship mates. Our progress and our accomplishments and failures are recorded in the Akashic Records. This Tower of Records is open to us if we choose to be Awakened enough to ask. Then, enlightened, we may be able to better choose as we Journey.

From Where do the Teachings come?

The New Age Movement brings to light methods of deeply connecting to the Earth and the Cosmos by using the Body/Soul & Spirit as a Transmitter/Receiver & Transformer of Life Force Energies. These Energies are freely given to all; and all may participate in using them.

The basis of New Age teaching is that we are all connected to each other and therefore should be tolerant and kind. We are a part of the Planet Earth, the Cosmos and the Divine Purpose. When seen as the Spiritual wave that it is, the New Age Movement has the high ideal of revealing the goodness of each soul and uniting the World in the Divine Purpose - Love.

Lost teachings of cultures we are just now beginning to uncover have lead to many threads in the beautiful tapestry which is New Age Teaching; Ancient Aliens, Atlantis, Lemuria, Elfin Lore and pre-Celtic practices as well as other tribal and clan lore, all contribute to the New Age Movement but are not the sole components. Many Awakened humans add beautiful works and teachings, art and music to the beautiful blanket now swaddling the Worlds.

What are Some of the Practices?

Things of the Earth like Crystals, plants and herbs and oils and other Elementals support and share their flow of energy, teaching us that we are of this Earth. We can rely on them and they ask that they can rely on us for respect and protection.

Things of the Other Realms - the Ethereal Realms - spirit guides, Elf and Faer Folk, and Light Beings are there to assist if we but ask, reminding us that we are also of the Divine Light. Because these Realms vibrate and exist on different frequencies they are unseen. Participating in the flow of Energies, and partnering with the Earth Elementals a Bridge can be formed so that we may perceive and know.

...are just some methods used by New Agers to help us follow our Path and reach our goal of kindness, Awakening the Divine and Ascension.

We all have different gifts, some more spiritual than others, but all gifts and talents are to be shared and honored; used for the good of all with kindness and tolerance. Find yours...

Words like Magickal and Mystical are used to describe the things of Other Realms that to some are unknown. But although the Other Realms may have been forgotten or even demonized for a very long time, they are not myth, they are remembered and they are here.

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