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New Signs of the Zodiac

Ophuichus, the Healer


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List of the New 13 Signs of the Zodiac

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The New Zodiac Signs Chart 2011 is given below:

  • Capricorn January 20- to February 16
  • Aquarius February 16 to March 11
  • Pisces March 11 to April 18
  • Aries April 18 to May 13
  • Taurus May 13 to June 21
  • Gemini June 21 to July 20
  • Cancer July 20 to August 10
  • Leo August 10 to September 16
  • Virgo September 16 to October 30
  • Libra October 30 to November 23
  • Scorpio November 23 to November 29
  • Ophiuchus November 29 to December 17 (new)
  • Sagittarius December 17 to January 20

According to astronomer Parke Kunkle, millennia-spanning changes in the Earthís position relative to the Sun have gradually resulted in a shift in the Sunís sky-bound path.
The Zodiac is based on the constellations through which the Sun passes and the dates of those intersections.
Ophiuchus, the Healer, would seem to be in a position to now be included.

However, the original 12 constellations have not yet been changed nor have the astrological mathematical calculations and the interpretive art which is astrology.

Don't Worry - You are still you...

Because your Sun Sign is determined by the position of our Sun in your star constellation, whichever sign you were born under still holds true. You are still the same you with the same characteristics of your same Sun Sign. You will now be able to say that, "I am so old, I was born before the stars changed!"

The changes began in 2009 and people born from that year forward will have the 13 signs to their zodiac. I am told that the Moon's pull on the Earth's axis has shifted our Cosmic alignment just enough to bring in the 13th constellation. There are many things still to be sorted out and I will try to keep you updated here.

Who is Ophiuchus...

Ophiuchus is the Roman version of the Greek god of Medicine, Aesclepius the Healer.
(I once worked out of the Aesclepius Healers Group in Newport, RI.)

Ophiuchus/Aesclepius was the son of Apollo and Coronis and cut from her womb, rescued by his father, after his mother was killed for being unfaithful to the Sun God.

Raised and trained by the famous healer, the Centaur Chiron, he became a magickal worker of herbs and potions and the god of medicine.

The Healers rod of Aeslcepius is very often confused with the cadeuseus snake entwined staff of the medical profession today. The cadeuseus has two snakes and wings, calling on Hermes the Messenger and the Planet Mercury for protection and swift conveyance of thought. Whereas the Healing Rod of Aesclepius is a shaman's staff with one snake entwined, the snake is the Earth Magick symbol of shifting between life and death.

The constellation of Ophiuchus is northwest of the center of the Milky Way and can be seen in the northern summer sky opposite Orion. His name means 'serpent bearer' and snake medicine of the deep Earth is his power. The constellation shows a man wielding a snake.

With the snake being a symbol of being re-born because of the shedding of it's skin and Ophiuchus rescue at birth - life pulled from death; we see the symbolism of resurrection and re-birth, healing and rescue. All good signs of hope. Perhaps we should welcome his arrival with an increase of understanding of the Shamanic Journey-work as in the Calya System and working with Wands.

Comfort and Joy!

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