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New age Teachings - Spirit Guides: Old Tree

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Once you Know Your Guide:

Once you have met and become comfortable with this new friend you need to develop a relationship.
Listen to your thoughts, dreams and watch for little signs in nature or your surroundings which seem repetitious like a code.

To Start:

Tell your guide to show you a particular number for the day. You will be amazed at the results.

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New age Teachings - Spirit Guides: Old Tree

Calya Journey-Wise: Old Tree by Catherine L. Avizinis

The Old Tree speaks of Peace. Why? Because it has had to compromise with Wind and weather, Sun and ice storm to survive.

It knows what it means to have to bend its own strong will when someone or something greater or more harsh flails against it.
Old Tree is not diminished by the bending. It knows the wrath of the "Other" must be endured and that it is just that, the unwarranted wrath of the "Other", brought on by events far away and not by Old Tree.
Surely, it has seen the felling of its friends.

Old Tree has been spared. Through plan or chance, it still stands but does not stand still. It continues to eat, breathe, and grow, to witness, adapt, receive, give, tolerate and co-create beauty. What more defines body, soul and spirit? If we let it, it will teach us how to do the same, and perhaps the most important lesson for us to learn is the Peace achieved through Individuation.

If we can each find our unique purpose, our combination of genetic attributes, talents and shortcomings, fascinating facets and fractured flaws, mix it with our dreams for help and harmony without harming, we will then be able to take possession of, and right responsibility for the accomplishment of our own Realm.

We will not fear or deem inconsequential the "Other", who is so unlike us, but be intrigued, curious, wanting to know more. And neither by stepping aside or looking for conquest in order to force the "Other" into conformity with our ways; but by allowing the "Other" to be, like Old Tree, we will grow to our own best form, fulfill our Journey-Quest and co-create the beauty of our own destiny. What better achievement than Peace, and what better pathway to it than individuation?

I ask you, this day, to go out and find Old Tree. There are some still with us. You will find one in the city park, the sub-urban field or along the country road. Perhaps you already have a friend in an Old Tree. Sit at its feet, lean the weight of your tired body against its trunk; let your back be impressed by the channels of the coarse bark.

Think of the growth rings of wisdom within, those concentric circles, which give strength and resiliency to the heartwood. Purposefully breathe the Light from the Astral Realms to shift your consciousness and open the vault of your own heart, asking the Old Tree to commune with you.

It will teach you how not to be diminished by the actions of the others, to be still and witness this mysterious planet, to eat and breathe and grow, as your Mother Earth nourishes you.

It will willingly teach and empower you to grow, to witness, adapt, receive, give, tolerate and co-create beauty. What more defines body, soul and spirit? For it is in embracing our differences that we will find ourselves; and once again be able to live in Peace with the Old Trees.