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Orgone... products, meaning, use...

Orgone Meaning:

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Orgone is the name given to the cosmic life-force in the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich. It shares its root "org" meaning "impulse" with the word orgasm and is seen as the manifestation of the microscopic Life Force of the Universe.Continue reading more below...

Orgone Products are considered to function as self-driven, continuously-operating, highly efficient energy transmutation devices and contain gemstones, healing crystals, metals, and other natural materials set in resin, to create tools for your Lightworker Energy work.

Orgone product use instructions included. Orgone Cubes and Obelisks are used by Reiki and Alternative Practitioners, Massage Therapists and anyone to clear and revitalize their space.

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All energy participates in the flow of the Universe. It either builds up... sustains... or decays in a never ending cycle.

These energies are neither positive (often confused with good) or negative (often confused with bad) in their purpose but can be considered by humans to be helpful or hindering in their forms.

Orgone energy was named by Wilhelm Reich, the inventor of the Orgone Accumulator in the 1940's, that would attract and collect Orgone;which we call the cosmic, etheric energy of All Things, which can be both life-beneficial (called the positive form) but also the harmful (called the negative energy or "deadly Orgone" or "DOR").
Years later he found that the DOR could be transmuted into positive energy.

Orgonite is a mixture of catalyzed fiberglass resin with metal shavings, poured into molds, with added Crystals, essential oils, high vibration organic materials to make the energy more intention purposeful. As in the Calya Journey-Wise Color Realms, where all the gemstones who share a color can be used to intensify and support your Color Light Energy Work.

The resin base shrinks during the curing process, placing the Quartz Crystal under permanent pressure and state of impulse. This initiates a piezoelectric effect; which is: the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials (such as crystals, certain ceramics, and biological matter such as bone, DNA and various proteins) in response to applied mechanical stress or pressure or rubbing. This charge excites inside the crystal and its endpoints become polarized electrically and causes the Crystal to become a more functioning positive energy generator.

It is said that the combination of a metal/resin matrix and crystals can transmute the DOR™ negative polarity of Orgone energy, into the positive polarity of Orgone energy. It was also noticed that placing an Orgone generator in the vicinity of a nuclear power plant had the effect of reducing the size of the DOR Orgone field that surrounds all nuclear reactors.

That is why it is seen as helpful in reducing the unwanted accumulation of energies form others, EMF, harmful computer or microwave energy fields, cell phones, lap tops, cell phone towers and other high voltage centers.