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Lepidolite with Lithium Palm Stone

Palm Stone

Lepidolite with Lithium Palm Stone


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@ 1 inch - 1oz


Opalescent Violet

Gemstone Palm Stones

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In the Bible, the Israelites were told to dig their wells deep - Lithium is found deep in the earth...

Lepidolite/Lithium Palm Stone.............................$18.95

Lepidolite with Lithium Palm Stone - drift on a sea of clam...

Here you will find small hand-stones of shimmering Lepidolite which has grown with its cousin light and airy Lithium which is known to help sooth a jangled mind and raw nerves. These are the perfect gem tools to help launch flights of fancy, stir up enticing emotions or to drift away on a sea as still as glass to find peace.
Use in meditations to see just how ar you have come...!

Violet Meditation...  

You are going to the misty Island of Fahaltryn. The hooded boatman works his oar as you silently glide over a sea as calm and smooth as glass. Violet mists join sea and sky and as you land on the Island of the Sleeping Dragon-a great peace soothes your soul. You feel alone, but alone is just what you want now.

Lepidolite is a more rare form of Mica - it grows in transparent sheets- and Lithium is a soft silvery chemical element (Li)and is the lightest of the metals and least dense. Together we use them to seek peace and sooth irritations. When the time comes to re-align your battle weary emotions - Lepidolite/Lithium is a lovely stone to use.

Used in body placements it helps to heighten the frequency - fine tune. Used in the Flight of the Dove - the Shaman's overview of just how far one has progressed in their spiritual Journey and to glimpse the distant Realms where one wishes to go. I use it in Violet Realm of Fahaltryn to sail away on a tranquil sea of glass to th eisland of the Sleeping Dragon.

Metaphysical Meaning of Lepidolite

All pictures are representational. Please expect natural differences.