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Pashmina Shawls

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Pashmina Shawl...48.95

Genuine Pashmina Shawls

Here is the wrap you have always wanted!

Unique, fashion essentials, Pashmina shawls are made from a fine Kashmir wool and silk and they are:

  • so soft and feather-light
  • extremely comfortable to wear
  • versatile for all weather
  • durable and warm

These genuine Pashmina Shawls are 70% Pahmina Kashmir Wool and 30% Silk and are woven with golden threads into 6 different color patterns. 70 inches long, plus a 4inch knotted fringe, and 26 inches wide these shawls drape with grace and flow with gentle ease.

I am sure you will love yours forever and that you will need some for gifts, too.

Worn for centuries by the beautiful, rich, famous, powerful and royal, Pashmina is finally here for the rest of us!

See Care of Pashmina below...

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Pashmina Shawls

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70in x 26in

How to Care for Your Pashmina Shawl

Pashmina is made from the soft under coat wool combed from the rare Himalayan goat, Capra Hircus, in Tibet. (Pashmina means wool in Mongolian.) Pashmina has been a status symbol in the East for many centuries, and pashmina shawls and blankets were an essential component of a wealthy woman's dowry.

Pashmina Care:

With proper care, your pashmina can last a lifetime.

Pashmina is best washed by hand or you may chose to have it professionally dry-cleaned.

Washing Pashmina:

To hand wash:
  • Use cool water
  • Never use soap- the pH can do permanent damage
  • Use Woolite or another Delicate Fabric/Wool detergent
  • Soaking is best with light kneading
  • gently squeeze out excess water but do not wring
  • roll in an absorbent towel
  • Lay your Pashmina Shawl out flat to dry, stretching it to shape, not in the sun.


Slight fulling or brushing up the nap is called for as the raised nap of your pashmina is weighed down by water. This is best done with a soft, natural bristled brush. Once your Pahmina shawl is completely dry, gently fluff and lift the nap. This will keep your Pashmina in beautiful condition. Slight fulling also ensures a warmer and softer pashmina. Excessive fulling is not recommended.

Removing creases:

To remove creases from your pashmina either steam press or carefully iron with the added protection of a pressing cloth. However if it becomes badly wrinkled we advise having your pashmina dry-cleaned so as not to lose the vitality of the fabric. Do not put your pashmina in a tumble dryer. If you are unlucky and your pashmina gets a stain, do not scrub or use other cleansers; just consider it "added character".