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New Age Self Help - Find Your Answers Here...

Calya Journey-Wise Passport Questionaire...

Do you feel lost? Need to find your way?

If your Path ahead is unclear, try this Passport Reading!

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This is a different type of reading, one where you give answers, not ask questions. The answers you give tell of your precise location on this part of your Journey.


Simply use these Self-Help Questions below to help you find your way whenever you feel lost, confused about how you feel,or uncertain about your issues.

Answer these questions as if you were applying for permission to travel into a new REALM. Do not over think... use the answers that come to your mind quickly and honestly.

1) Reason: What is the reason for your Journey at this time?

  • Why do you need to Journey?
  • What is the problem? ...the issue?
  • What is the Question you want to ask?
  • What needs to be resolved in your life?
  • Is there a specific incident that has sparked this new discontent?

2) Land or Sea? Will you be taking a Land Journey or a Sea Voyage?

Land Journey: "Yang" Qualities

  • The Quest to bring into Reality truths and Qualities already learned
  • Manifesting the Deep Inner Self in the Outer World
  • Living effectively by opening and using all the Spiritual Treasures
  • Implementing your desires in solid Reality

Sea Voyage: "Yin" Qualities:
  • The Quest to find Hidden Mysteries
  • Uncovering Truths about the Self
  • Searching for deep meanings and real desires
  • Sailing uncharted waters to discover secrets and bring home answers

3) Describe your Horse or Ship: These will give you Color Healing Magick Information; note them all for later use.

  • Colors
  • Trappings
  • Decorations
  • Style

4) Name your Horse or your Ship: The Name must contain the words "SUN" and/or "MOON".

  • SUN="Yang" qualities activated in your motives... outward, fast, ambitious, expansive, hot
  • MOON="Yin" qualities activated in your motives... inward, slow, cautious, careful, cool

5) Home Port: Describe the place you "live in" now as an imaginary village and give it a meaningful, whimsical name.

  • What does it look like? ...What is life like?
  • Why do you need to leave this place?
  • Is it "Boring-on-Slow River" or perhaps "Hecticvillanous Maximus"?

6) Destination: Describe the place you wish to go. What does it look like... feel like...? Name this place.

  • Where do you wish to go?
  • What is it like there?
  • What do you hope to find there?
  • Is it "Rich-town" or perhaps "I-can-do-it-told-you-so"?

  • This should help you think more clearly
  • Now you know if you are looking outward or inward
  • You have a list of needed Color Healing Magick Energies
  • Go to the Color Chart and research your Colors Chakra Color Chart
  • Use the suggested Stones, Oils, Books, and Spells
  • If you Have a Calya Journey-Wise Daily Workbook, follow your Journey Quest.