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Quartz Gemstone Pendulums

Quartz Pendulum

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The Magickal Life:

Quartz is the stone of Unity!
It Magnifies all Spiritual messages and helps us to delight in belonging to the Oneness.

It is one of the most helpful, healing and Universal stones to have in your Crane Bag or Medicine Pouch; and because of it's common Silica composition, most people find they connect to it quite quickly and are able to feel the RESPONSE of Spirit!

As in the Star of David, a snowflake or any crystalline gemstone, Six is the Sacred Geometry code for Divine Beloved Energy which has been made manifest here on this Earth Plane.
This is a very good style for bringing the Astral Realms closer to you; and can be the best place to start if you are new to the Nobel Art of Divination for it will help you to feel that you truly belong.

Quartz Pendulum....$14.95 NOW $7.95

Best Prices... Quartz Pendulums...

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Quartz: a crystalized moment of stillness

Spirit is responding.... and Quartz helps amplify that Stillpoint when you stop and realize that response.

Two sizes are offered here:

Sparkling Quartz crystal pendulums are approximately 1.5 inches and are the faceted, traditional, six-sided Pendulum.

Quartz Metaphysical Meaning & Products

Clear Quartz:

  • aligns with the Spiral Chakra above your head
  • amplifies your connection to the Astral Realms
  • opens clearer communication with your Spirit Guides

Quartz is the most Mystickal and Magickal of all the gemstones; it can carry you away and bring you to the place you wish to be.

In Chakra Energy Healing and Aura Journey-Work it is the Spiritual amplifier and magnifies the soul.

Quartz may have veils or rainbows which are very desirable; picture is representational.

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