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Herkimer Diamond Pendulum

Herkimer Diamond Healing Pendulum
Self-Healing Meditation and Sacred Oil included...


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@2 inch


Herkimer Diamond - AA Quartz - Assorted Gemstones

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Please remember you as a child; alone, scared, confused, bullied... Give yourself love and praise when things went right, too! When you won or when you didn't. When you were chosen and when you weren't... and always give the sparkling Herkimer Star as a token of healing and the promise that you will never abandon yourself or give up on your life.

Gem Points and Crystals

Use White Healing Realm
and clear stones to Amplify all other energies

See Loose Herkimer Diamonds...

Herkimer Diamond Pendulum...$24.95

with Self-Healing Meditation and Sacred Oil included...

Here is a Healing Tool you will always need.
The Meditation helps you to take courage and healing to your past or "child-self".

3-piece Artifact:

  • Gemstone Pyramid
  • AA Quartz Point
  • AA Herkimer Diamond

Gemstone Pyramids: Quartz, Iolite, Tiger Eye, Rose Quartz, Golden Quartz, Peach Aventurine,Lapis

Sorry! Green Aventurine, Peach Aventurine, Lapis,and Iolite SOLD OUT...

Sometimes holding water drops within, these healing crystals have great Metaphysical influence over deep emotions and dreams, used to help Astral Travel and Projections.

As you use and re-use this HERKIMER STAR SELF-HEALING MEDITATION©, there will be times when you will not even have words to say; but still give the sparkling star gift of courage and comfort to yourself anyway, along with the knowledge that life does go on and there is a future after this pain.

Please expect differences. Quartz may have interior veils which are very desirable; picture is representational.

Herkimer Diamonds are double terminated Quartz crystals which were discovered and found mainly in Herkimer, New York, in the Mohawk River Valley.

Although they are not diamonds, they are still quite hard scoring a 7.5 on the Mohs scale and are harder than other Quartz crystals.

'Herks' form with eighteen faces in a complex diamond shape with two pointed ends.

Double terminated Quartz crystals from very slowly and inclusions can include solids, liquids (salt water or petroleum), and gases usually carbon dioxide.