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New Age Free Class: Ley Lines

New Age Free Class: Ley Lines

Here is a Free class on how to plot ley lines of your home and set up a Ritual Space

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Points of Direction and the Wheel of Time- Align your Ritual Space with Earth Energies

Follow these directions to set up a Healing Space or a Magickal Altar for Spell-work........           Need Magick Tools?
With Crystals in place forming a Healing Power Grid, you can Energize each room, your property and help heal the Planet.

Chart the Ley Lines of your home...

What are Ley Lines?

You will need:

  • A friendly Pendulum to help you find the energy paths
  • The Color chart below (print it)
  • Paper and pen or your Journey notebook
  • Colored pencils
  • A Gateway Stone to enhance the Color Energy Realm of the entrance to your home

1. Sketch your house floor plan on the paper in black, marking rooms, doors, windows.
We will use this througout the year. Why not get the Gnome Journal to keep all your findings in one book?

2. Standing still at your front door, entering, hold the pendulum chain by the end and determine the direction of the flow of the energy there… clockwise/counter clockwise--- circles, ovals, straight lines --- to and fro or side to side, diagonal...? Mark this on your house map. Here is where we begin.

3. Now, using the printed pendulum color chart, ask to be shown the color frequency/energy - The Color Realm Message - of that specific place. Hold the Pendulum over White and letit swing to tell you which color is predominant there. You can ask "yes" or "no" to confirm.

Choose the appropriate color pencil and draw this pattern into the house sketch. Use directional arrows to show the flow.

4. With your pendulum, walk very slowly throughout your house; see what other energies you capture then sketch them in as well. Stand in the center of each room - in the middle of every doorway and hall, even dowse outside if you would like.

You want to see where the patterns repeat, differ and where they change. You may find places where the patterns are confusing, non-existent, or jumbled; mark these too.

  1. Use a compass to find the Cardinal Directions of where you are- West, North, East, South

  2. Print this Chart- turn it to align North with North of where you are
  3. Choose and Set Your Gateway Stone at your front door according to the color you find there. Locate your entrance color on the chart and choose a crystal form the list.

    Use my Color Realms Stones Chart here...

    Now continue, room by room, according to the Colors of the Directions- like it was a compass

  4. Clear your Space Use your directed intentions along with a broom, drum, incense or bells to clear stagnant and
    un-wanted energies from your whole house. Try to work into every corner, under the furniture.

  5. Set Your Altar- Place Quartz in the Center and a White Altar Candle

    • Use Color Magick Decor such as candles, gemstones, Talismans and statues, to align with the Points of Direction. These will change with the seasons, festivals and your need as you work. ...Use the Color Chart...

    • Gemstones and Crystal Grids... Once you have set up your Drawing in Grid, it may remain for a year or more. Refresh your Grids energies if your Spells seem slow, and when you do your regular house keeping.
      Crystal Grids...

    • Candles and Art... The more Visual Aids you have the easier for you to move through the Veil. It will help your imagination and fuel your Magick.
      Your Art and special totems and artifacts should be very personal. Again, clean when you do your regular house keeping chores and change with the seasons, Festivals and your specific needs. Candles...

See How to Prepare Yourself for Ritual for specifics on preparing your self.  Color Chart Print FREE Pendulum Charts

Often we say "I don't have time…" or "I wish I had the time…"; but Time is the only thing we truly do have. Your job, health, wealth, possessions and even relationships with others are all variables and all ever changing with the effects of Time.

Use your Time wisely...