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Psychic Readings: New Age Crystal Reading

Crystal Healing Consultation

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Crystal Healing Consultation.......$22.00

Which Healing Crystals do you need? ...I will send you 3

Purchase this Reading, send me a brief e-mail message about your Specific Healing Needs and I will mail you three Healing Crystals and e-mail you a personal Reading of Metaphysical information on:

  • Which stones may be helpful and what to do
  • Suggestions for Color and Aromatherapy
  • What underlying Chakra imbalance could be involved

I will help you to see the connections of your Body/Soul/Spirit and how you can improve your well-being.

Healing is a process and each case is unique, complicated.

There is not A STONE to make things better. It is a Journey; first one step of healing then the next, then another; a process of alleviating conditions and replacing them with re-balanced structures.

I make no promises of healing,only to help you to see the Metaphysical meanings and open possiblities.

I am pleased to help you find and identify the Metaphysical patterns in your life.
Auric distortions can affect you Body, Soul and Spirit. Read more below...

I will e-mail your reading within 2 business days.
Be sure I have your correct e-mail address and shipping address.

Gemstone and Color Healing:

Gemstones, Crystals, Oils, and Meditations other Holistic modalities work on tiny vibrational levels. The effects are subtle and best suited to subtle energy distortions.

Everything that exists Vibrates in different wave lengths or frequencies called colors; including our Body/Soul/Spirit. These Color Patterns make up our Auric Field; our Chakras, or REALMS.
If we don't know that we can correct the distortions which continually occur, they can go on for a long time. Balancing Daily is best, but sometimes we need direction.

Knowing the Body Area where the Dis-ease has manifested, shows the Color Healing Magick needed to best bring that Energy back to balance, diminishing pain and restoring Comfort and Joy!.
Any Change for the Good is called a Healing.

We are Body - Soul & Spirit

A Storm in any of these Realms will cause imbalance and, if not alleviated , will manifest as Dis-ease.
Gemstones, by means of their chemistry and color, will share their own auric energy to help us heal.

Gemstone Healing in the Physical Body - composed of:

  • Solids (bones, muscles, organs)
  • Liquids (blood, plasma, hormones, body fluids)
  • Energy (nerve impulses- which link to soul reactions)

    Is there injury, malfunction or simple aging?

Gemstone Healing in the Soul- which is our:

  • Intellect (ability to reason and remember)
  • Emotions (how we feel or react for survival)
  • Will (how we choose to act- which connects to spirit being)

    Certain belief structures, locked in emotional reactions from old wounds or inappropriate choices may cause distortions which hinder well-being.

Gemstone Healing in the Spirit - which is comprised of:
  • Universal Life Force (makes us alive)
  • Human Life Force (makes us Human)
  • Individual Life Force (makes us Unique Expression of the Oneness)

    Here there may be mis-understandings about our deep connections to each other and the Source.