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Psychic Readings: New Age Distance Healing

New Age Distance Healing Package....$48.95

Aura Magick Package...

items separately- $68.95

New Age Distance Healing Package...

Need the Magick of a Spell or Ritual to help move energies?

Want my help in a special request for prayer or Chakra Energy Healing?

This is how it works:

  1. Send an e-mail with details of your issue

  2. I will e-mail you a targeted Aura Reading

  3. Cast a Color Energy Magick Spell for you

  4. Send you a Blessed Crystal and Prayer Candle best suited to your need


 Click e-mail detailed request 
Please be sure I have your correct return e-mail address.

What is a Magick Spell...

Get a Reading, Distance Reiki, Candle and Stone.......$48.95

items sold separately- $68.95

Aura Magick Package

Need help right now?...

  • a targeted Aura Reading on your issue
  • a Distance Healing Color Energy Cast to you
  • a Blessed Prayer Candle and Crystal mailed to you

New Age Distance Healing Package for you...

You will be mailed: a votive candle and a gemstone.

Psychic Readings...

Magick Spells... Healing Spells... Healing Rituals... Healing Magick...

BOOK MARK this page-Come here to Old-Earth Hall

When you need

  • quick insight into a problem
  • someone to help send out magickal energies
  • blessed candle and crystal specific to your needs

Dear Seeker,

Old-Earth Hall is a place of Magickal wonder and Mystickal Solace.
Come here when you find that you need help, feel overwhelmed or are in need of Spiritual Guidance.

You can imagine that we are sipping tea by the fireplace, chatting right here in Old-Earth Hall.

I will listen to your problems and questions, help sort out the frustrations and guide you through the meanings of your Aura Color Realms; for each Color has special significance in your issue. Then I will gather the items needed for the Energy Healing Ritual and Cast the Magick Energy Spell for you.

You will receive an e-mail with your targeted Aura Reading- and the Blessed Prayer Candle, Power Crystal and Incantation I used for your Spell will be sent to you by postal mail.

I cannot guarantee that all of your wishes will come true; only that I will listen carefully and join my prayers with yours, sending out powerful energies with the Casting of the Rituals of Old-Earth for your Direction, Insight, and Empowerment.

Comfort and Joy,

Healing Readings
Healing Spells
Healing Candles
Healing Jewelry
Healing Oils
Healing Crystals