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Psychic Readings: Personal Aura Reading

Color Message Aura Reading


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Personal Aura Reading........................................$25.00

What is your Aura is telling you...right now!

I can find your personal Aura Color Patterns and messages and tell you what they mean by using a Crystal-Ball and Pendulum.

As a Spiritual Guide, I have many Psychic Visions.
I can assure you, there is nothing so amazing as
a Psychic Color Aura Reading!

Psychic Color Aura Reading includes information on:

  • Your Power Color: The Color that is most vibrant at this time
  • What that color means in your Body
  • The issues which are coming toward you
  • How best to influence others with this Color Power
  • The Gemstones, Oils and Runes to use for support
  • Balancing Meditation Ritual to release and use this power
Your reading will be e-mailed within 2 business days.
Be sure I have your correct e-mail address.

Calya Journey-Wise Color Divination System:

www.old-earth.com is set up so that you can do your own personal Aura Color Reading every day.

My Color Healing System, Calya Journey-Wise, is the perfect divination tool for insight into your own Spiritual Journey.

Your Personal Daily Color Reading gives you quick yet complete details for self-discovery, self-help and personal Spirtual growth.

Everything you see, every color, every thought you think tells you something about your Journey,

This is an Ancient Healing Art using:

  • Colors... The Universal Meanings and Properties of Color and Light
  • Gemstones, Crystals... They share their Magick Powers
  • Essential Oils- the essence of living things- they carry healing Light
  • Spiritual Principals- the Guiding Star- Harm None
  • New Age Meditation- affect real changes in Body/Soul/Spirit