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Psychic Readings: Metaphysical Guidance

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Psychic Readings: Metaphysical Guidance

Aura Readings...Tarot... Runes... Spiritual Advise...

Personal New Age Metaphysical Guidance with Calya - one to one!

The reason we do Readings and Divinations is to find the current energy patterns surrounding a person, place, thing, idea, question...

If we see a pattern we like, we can help it along, keep it flowing and build on it.
If we see one we do not like, we have time to change course and avoid the predicted outcome.

Accurate, Ethical- Your privacy is always honorably guarded.

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Tarot reading
Full Tarot Reading with Calya

Tarot reading
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Here is the thing about readings, they read the energy of the moment - what you are building around you with your thoughts, words, deeds; and when we read it, we get to see a glimpse of your hearts truth. If it is a pattern we like, we continue - if it is one we do not like - we change.

If you want to keep a path progressing in a particular direction, you must do things to move it along. Take action, initiative, make sound decisions and keep reading your energy to see how you are doing.
Find your Color Realm for the day, find where you are on the balance line of that color, and do the work needed to move things along.

Let's find answers to your questions and make clear the Journey Path ahead...

Some kind things you have said:
  • Oh My Goodness, sweet Calya! ??
    Thank you so, so much for this wonderful reading; as I read through it my inner voice kept yelling "yes!!!" ??
    The kit you are sending me sounds amazing,and I cannot wait to begin working with everything.
    I will continue re-reading what you have sent so I will be prepared for when the package arrives.
    Many thanks and blessings to you ~*~

  • "Calya, That is a lot of help, so spot on about my underlying ongoing old feelings. ...really shows the state I am in.
    I appreciate the focus and insight! Off to collect and meditate. Blessings"

  • "I am really pleased with my reading. It is so cool how so much of the reading really knew about me."

  • "The accuracy is amazing and I recognize the descriptions of the spirits you see around me."

  • "...just read about your yellow energy and YES it is totally where I am at at the moment. Iím currently studying energetic healing which is really taking me on a journey and Iím being challenged with beliefs etc and there is alot of change happening......just when you think you have changed So your guideance was correct."

  • "Dearest Calya, I'm not sure if it is ok for me to respond, but I just had to. I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful it feels that someone gets me and understands my situation and how incredible it was to read the every thought that was in my heart but I just couldn't express. I am still at awe!! Truly. From the moment I simply read your email and hadn't even gotten to the attachment I felt so understood and so incredibly relieved. Thank you. Thank you for your unbelievable gift, thank you for helping me understand things that I was feeling, but that got so confused and destorted from other people's views and like you said, from past experiences. I had this inner battle going on and now I have inner peace. Thank you...I can't even find the words right now to truly express my gratitude and thank you just seems so simple.
    Still at awe! " C