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Psychic Readings: Personal Spirit Guide Reading

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Spirit Guides Color Reading.......NEW PRICE......$60.00

was reg $65.00

Need to know what you may be missing?

Seek the Ancient Wisdom of your own Spirit Guide in this New Age Energy Reading...

I will discern your Aura Colors, and with my Guides, connect to your personal Spirit Guides for help.

  • Ask Your Questions... (4 or 5 is best to begin)

  • Receive information about your own Guide

  • Use the Personal Color Information to grasp opportunities in your life that you may be missing.

Sometimes it feels as if life is swirling all around us and we just can't seem to see that next clear step... or grasp that next firm handhold to know what to do. This can be seen in your Aura as flares and depletions. Charting these patterns can help us make sense of it all and see how things really are connected.

Meet One of your own Spirit Guides...
Comfort and Joy!

Calya will e-mail your reading within 2 business.
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Psychic Readings...

What are Spirit Guides:

A Spirit Guide is a being who is no longer bound by the Physical laws of Time, Space and matter who has agreed to guide us on Life's journey.

Many Spiritual people, Psychics, Mediums and Mysticks, like me, believe that we and those who now act as Spirit Guides for us have lived many other lifetimes. We have known them or have had some relationship with them such as friend, relative, lover or even adversary. Now, before we incarnated and came back to this plane, we have agreed to work out our Journey, and perhaps "Karmic debts", together; one in this world and one or more still in the other.

Some Psychics believe that Guides have advanced beyond the need to return to this Earth plane and have evolved to a "Higher" status. Others feel that a Spirit Guide's role of helping us is part of their enlightenment process; next time around we may stay in the Beyond and they may be here!

It is possible to meet your Spirit Guide in a dream, an astral projection, a meditation, or even through another, a Medium. I can help you meet yours.