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Tarot Card Reading: Dark Angels

Dark Angels Tarot Reading


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Dark Angels Tarot Reading............................................$20.00

Dark Matters... Dark Energies... Dark Angels...

Feeling lost makes way for new direction and sadness makes joy all the brighter!

The Angles of this beautiful deck offer guidance in the difficult times of your life.

I find this reading restores the comforting light of reason to the darkness, and reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles; others have walked this path.

Dark Matter is as important as Light... All things must flow toward balance... and we Journey to recognize the value of our full nature.

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Metaphysical Concept of this deck:

"As the world spins slowly beneath a dying sun, the Dark Angels descend to walk the wounded earth once again. Taking upon themselves the passions and desires of mankind, they witness the last, strange flowering of humanity as time itself spirals into darkness. This is the concept embraced in the creation of these 78, beautifully illustrated cards of an Arcana of bitter hope and dark solace. Use them to explore your darker side and unlock truths about what is, will be, and has been."

My New eBook - Crystal Grids: Dark Matters

Crystal Grids: Dark Matters...$9.95

"In this Universe, where we now reside, there is a balance mechanism set in place.
It is the regulating device that all things need to maintain stability and survive. It may sound contrary, but stable is not still. Once still is held for too long, it becomes too stressed and crumbles; collapses in on its self. Think of having to sit still in one place for hours...

We are in a constant push/pull flow, and that is the Natural Order of things. Day flows into night into day... the tides flow in and out and in once more... There is darkness and there is light.
It is all very poetic and natural but somehow modern thought has pulled away from this natural order.

Darkness has been vilified. Negative energy is not allowed... but...

Balance is not a rigid point but flow... refining extremes to a vibrational glow..."

©Crystal Grids II: Dark Matters by Catherine Avizinis