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Psychic Readings: New Age Dream Reading

Dream Meanings Reading



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Indigo Aura Dream Crystal...

If your dreams are very troubling or you feel they are directing you to violence, please tell someone close to you or your health care provider. Be safe and compassionate to yourself and others.

Psychic Dream Meaning Reading.........................$35.00

What's in your imaginings?

Dreams tell us special Messages in Symbols and Codes.
Spirits Guides are trying to show the Way!
You should have a Psychic Dream Meanings Reading when:

  • there is a repeating Dream
  • a vivid dream remains fresh in your mind
  • a Dream is jumbled... makes no sense
  • the Dream keeps calling to you through out the days
  • or you simply have a new dream-plan for your life
Dreams are a marvelous way to gain insight into our Spirit-Lives, sort out our blocks and overcome our obstacles. The symbology can be sometimes confusing, but as your personal Spiritual Guide, I would love to help.

Tell me your Dream as an e-mail. Your reading will be e-mailed within 2 business days. Be sure I have your correct e-mail address.

Dreams serve a multi-fold purpose in our lives.

  1. They help us to sort out what is happening in our present or past, so that we may better deal and learn from these experiences.

  2. They give us hopes and "dreams" for our future lives, to help us to clarify just which direction it is that we want to go; and sometimes how to get there.

  3. They are messages from Spirit (the Divine)trying to communicate with us to guide us, warn us, or prepare us for those things yet to come.

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A Note on Dreams:
Remember that within dreams are the Spirit's efforts to rebalance our Soul and Body; to make sense of waking life and to help us to understand situations. They help us sort out reality and learn needed lessons.

Dreams are as important to our Spiritual Progress as Seeking knowledge through books and classes.

Our Spirit Guides and our Deep Inner Self always try to communicate Knowledge, Wisdom and Spiritual Lessons to us and it is easier during Dream Time when the Glaring Light of Day (our Conscious Mind) is not in control.

Dreams and Desires keep us alive and vital. When one is denied dreams; either during sleep or in Life, health and happiness will suffer.

Pay attention during the day to repeating patterns, signs and omens; and at night, when the starry expanse of the Cosmos is made clear, pay attention to your Dreams.