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Beloved Soul Pet Reading



One Pet

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Beloved Soul Psychic Pet Reading..........................$35.00

New Age Tarot and Energy Readings for our animal friends...

Your pet means more to you than you can put into words...

Sometimes you need a Psychic Reading with an Intuitive Spiritual Guide to help you hear the message your Beloved Soul Friend is trying to tell you.

Is there a Psychic connection with your Pet? ...or is it a
Past Life connection?
Maybe you just need help understanding your pets difficult behavior. What is he trying to tell you?

The Beloved Soul Pet Psychic Reading will give you insight to the Psychic connections and Spiritual messages your Animal Guide wants to share with you.

Our Living Totems:

Our pets mean more to us than we can sometimes even understand ourselves. They connect with us on a deep Psychic level, comfort and cheer us, teach compassion, and help guide us as we Journey together.

  • Bird
  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Horse
  • Unicorn? Dragon?
  • Something Else?
  • Tell me all you can about your beautiful friend!
  • Be sure to send the issue, species, breed, color and NAME!
I will e-mail your reading within 2 business days.
Be sure I have your correct e-mail address.

Pyschic Readings...

The Battered Horse... A lovely lady who had acquired a 'battered' horse came by one day. The horse had recognized her immediately and would not listen to anyone else; he was very protective of her, as well.
She was not looking for a Reading, but as soon as she mentioned the horse, she and I were in tears! It seems they were connected in a Past Life as Cavalry Officer and Courageous Mount.
The horse had been 'ordered' to carry it's master into battle even though they both knew neither would survive.

They are both surviving now... and tending to each other through old age.