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Personal Journey-Quest Kit ©

Your Personal Journey-Quest Reading & Kit

Solve Problems ~ Find Your Path...with Calya Journey-Wise here at www.Old-Earth.com

Here you are... What is troubling you? What do you need today?
Answer these questions... then email me your answers.

I will gather your tools for your kit... find your Path... you'll soon be on your way...

Calya of Old-Earth

e-mail your details to calya@old-earth.com

My Journey-Quest Reading & Kit...$34.95

How it Works:

I need some details...

This is a pin-point personal Journey-Quest Reading with me, Calya, on your specific issue today.

Read about Journey-work and my Calya Journey-Wise System throughout the Old-Earth.com web site.

1) Purchase this Reading & Kit....

2) Fill out this questionnaire.... so you have some clear details

3) E-mail your details to calya@old-earth.com

Your answers will give me needed details about how best to read you and put together your Journey-Quest tool Kit.

Your unique kit will contain a combination of some of the following to total @$35.00:

  • stones, crystals
  • candles, incense, oils
  • pendants, pendulums
  • wands, talisman charms
  • instructions for use

Placed in a kit personally prepared for you and your Quest at this time.

Your information is strictly confidential.

Please enter your name:

Please enter Your E-mail:

1a. My Color Realm today is:

1b.On the Balance Line I am:

2a.I found my Color by:

hold control key down to choose multiple items

2b. If Other Explain Briefly:

3.My Quest issue today is:

4a. I am feeling:

hold control key down to choose multiple items

4b. If Other Explain Briefly:

5. I have noticed Chakra Body discomforts:

6. My Journey goal is to:

7a. My favorite Healing tool is:

hold control key down to choose multiple items

7b. If Other Explain Briefly:

10. Any additional comments you'd like to make: