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Legend: the Arthurian Tarot Reading


Celtic Cross

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Metaphysical Guidance Arthurian Tarot Reading......$45.00

What's next in the Legend of your life?

Let's find the answers with this Arthurian Tarot Reading.

The glory of the Mythic quest is celebrated with this deck and reading. These vibrant Mythical Archetypes will be your Spirit Guides...

  • The Grail
  • Merlyn
  • Arthur and Guinivere
  • Lancelot... and so much more!

This reading will help restore your Hope for the future...
Believe and you will find your way...

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Merlyn CD

Every culture tells wondrous tales of heroes who undertake a Mystick Quest; from Brendan the Voyager to Hercules, from Frodo to Harry Potter.

And the Quest is always the same; to gain hidden Wisdom, Other-Worldly Understanding and prove Self-worth, usually to themselves. Often times they show weakness, cowardliness, confusion and they even fail; but it is the Journey that is important. For even the greatest victories of any Mythic Hero are only temporary. Time passes... Life ends... and a new generation takes on the task of proving themselves all over again.

We are all on our own Journey-Quest. We are all the Hero of our own Mystickal Saga; seeking Wisdom and selflessness, winning battles and loosing, filled with darkness and light.

Take time to listen to the tale another has to tell... so many little time!