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Metaphysical Meditation Kits

Calya Journey-Wise

What Realm Do I Need...

All the Color Realms...

Gem Healing Kits

Why Meditate...?

Metaphysical Meditation Kits...from $29.95

Metaphysical Meditation Kits with Artifacts:

  • Color Healing Realm Meditation
  • Artifact specific to Realm
  • 4oz Color Healing Essential Oil Mist
  • Gemstones/Crystals for support

Calya Journey-Wise is based on Ancient Healing Arts using:

17 Colors...Universal Meanings

Spiritual Principals...Guiding Stars

New Age Meditation...Affect Changes

Essential Oils...Essence of Living

Gemstones/Crystals...Share Magick

Journey the Realms... gather your kit...

As you Journey the Realms, you will need stones, oils, and artifacts to support your Spiritual Work...

Green Realm Kit
Green Realm Kit
see details...

Rooted in Love: Green Meditation Kit

  • Healing Grove
  • Herbs, Harps, Help
  • Be Rooted, Reach Above
  • Nature Responds
  • Allow Another to Fail
  • You Are Wrapped in Love!

Rooted in Love: Green Meditation Kit...$24.95

Sold Out

Green Calcite,Tesque's Realm Abundance Mist,
Green realm artwork, be rooted and let abundance flow Meditation

Aqua Realm Kit
see details...

Message in a Bottle: Aqua Meditation Kit

  • Play without guilt!
  • Dance with the waves- act silly
  • Receive Pampering- massage- and relief
  • Be free of duty and responsibility- for a little while
  • Listen to yourself- really
  • Find the Message in the Bottle!

Message in a Bottle: Aqua Meditation Kit...$38.95

Sea Salt, Iy's Realm Rescue Mist,
Secret Message of Encouragement in a Bottle, Release and Relax Meditation

Blue Realm Kit
see details...

Perfect Time: Blue Meditation Kit

  • See the Crystals!
  • Cross the Ice Bridge
  • You are not left out in the cold to fend for yourself...your are welcomed here
  • It is time for your turn... it is time for you
  • Sharing of little things brings a family together
  • You are worth the little things!

Perfect Time: Blue Meditation Kit...$34.95 NOW $27.00

Blue Chalcedony, Kriel's Realm My Time Mist,
Clock, Perfect Time Meditation

Indigo Realm Kit
see details...

Dream Flight: Indigo Meditation Kit

  • Go to the Castle of the Night Sky- tell your Dreams
  • Listen to the Seers and Sages
  • Ask for their advice
  • Do you need to "Tell On..."?
  • Learn of Whimsy and Magick
  • Imagine!

Dream Flight: Indigo Meditation Kit...$29.95

Dumortierite, Daemus Realm Dream Mist,
Dream Catcher, Dream Flight Meditation