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Reiki Healing Event

Worm Moon
Worm Moon - Dig Down and then Up!
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Sunset on FULL MOON,
Saturday, 22 December 2018

Ancient Light of Evermoore Reiki

Please join us in sending Reiki Distance Healing to members of the Seekers Lists.

Healers of Evermoore Event:

Wherever you are at Sunset hours 5pm-9-pm on FULL MOON,
Saturday, 22 December 2018

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Healing is Change for Comfort and Joy:

The Practitioner connects to the Universal Life Force and then to the Seeker.

Excessive energies are streamed away and grounded to Mother Earth or delivered into the Astral Realms.

Depleted energies are restored by sharing of the needed Reiki Life Force Energies.

Aura Energies are balanced for the unique individual and supported by Colors, Crystals, Oils, Music and Meditations.

We do not pray for anything - we send out waves of the Healing Light we ourselves generate and declare for it to be used as is needed by the ones who have requested our assistance.

The Healing Sign:

As you meditate and gather your Healing Light Energy over the next few days, please attach our healing sigil, the Vesica Pisces, to the Sun when you see it.
This Healing Sign will follow the "Sun's Path" connecting us all as we participate in worldwide Healing Events.

Thank you for your time, effort and blessings.

NASA'S Full Moon Calendar 2018 {EST}

  • Tuesday, 2 January 2018, 03:24:06 am

  • Wednesday, 31 January 2018, 02:26:48 pm [Total Lunar Eclipse]

  • Friday, 2 March 2018, 01:51:24 am

  • Saturday, 31 March 2018, 02:36:54 pm

  • Monday, 30 April 2018, 02:58:12 am.

  • Tuesday, 29 May 2018, 04:19:36 pm

  • Thursday, 28 June 2018, 06:53:00 am.

  • Friday, 27 July 2018, 10:20:24 pm [Total Lunar Eclipse]

  • Sunday, 26 August 2018, 01:56:12 pm

  • Tuesday, 25 September 2018, 04:52:30 am

  • Wednesday, 24 October 2018, 06:45:12 pm

  • Friday, 23 November 2018, 06:39:18 am

  • Saturday, 22 December 2018, 06:48:36 pm

The Full Moon lasts @ 3 days - There are usually 13 Full Moons in a year - that is what gives us the months, or moonths, and a year is the time it takes the Earth to travel around the Sun, 364.25 days / 28 day moon cycle = 13.0004.
In 2017, because of the way the seasonal cycles fall with the moon phases, there are only 12 Full Moons. In May we will have an Ancient Full Moon - a fourth Full Moon within a seasonal cycle.

A day is the time it takes to make one complete rotation on the Earths axis - 24 hrs - So, let's marvel at this amazing clockwork universe in which we live!