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Reiki: How to Send Distance Healing

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Reiki: How to Send Distance Healing

Healers of Evermoore - Ancient Light of Evermoore Reiki

Keepers Level I:

Here is how to send the Healing Light of Evermoore for Level I Distance Healing:

  1. Relax and set your space. Soft lights and music. Hold Crystals or set a Crystal Grid for Healing, or of your own choice.
    Use Colors and Aromatherapy if you choose.

  2. Have a list of names and requests ready and set your intention to include all on the list, all present and absent.

  3. Do some deep breathing and draw in the Crystal White Light of the Divine through the top of your head at the fontanel (soft spot).
    Transfer it to your lower abdomen- the Triple Heater in Yoga. At this point you may want to transmute this energy to a specific color if you are doing Color Energy Healing Release. Then, generate it through your entire body.

    When you feel ready, move the energy into your hands, palms up.
    Let this take as long as you need. Connect to the other Distance Healers of Evermoore by visualizing the Vesica Pisces Healing Energy Sign which represents the union of Spirit and Matter, Divinity and Humanity.

  4. Transmute the Energies. Feel your own blessings, caring intentions and powers merge with the Divine Energies. Keep moving the Light into your hands.

    In your left hand spin a silver ball of energy counter-clockwise.
    In your right hand spin a golden ball of energy clockwise.
    Let this Healing Energy run and generate for some time.
    Speed up the spinning and slow it down repeatedly. You will feel the Healing Energy build. This is called "generating".

    Turn your palms to face each other and merge the Healing Energy back into the Crystal White Light of Evermoore in the form of the spheres and sign of the Vesica Pisces. If you are releasing one color energy, it will form the Vesica Pisces of the one color.

  5. Visualize the people and issues on your list between your palms- inside the Vesica Space, the oval which represents the Cosmic union of Spirit and Matter.

    Place them all or one at a time and add any prayers or good wishes you prefer. Breath and run the Energy for as long as seems needed- you will feel the Sphere pulsing.

  6. With a releasing breath send the Healing Energy Sphere off into the Astral Plane to be used as it is needed, not as you will. It will feel as light as a bubble.
The Magickal Journey:

There are four steps on the Magickal Journey Path and they are:

  1. to Seek
  2. to Find
  3. to Open
  4. to Use
You must always remember: The real Magick on Earth is that Time changes everything. Those things of the Ethereal Realms are the constants, the never-changing Truths and the Immortal Beings who remain the same, untouched by decay, deception or the ravages of Time for Evermoore. There we cannot evolve or grow more enlightened. Here, in this Earth plane, is where we come to make the needed changes in our souls and seek our enlightenment. Awaken your Divinity, find your Magick.

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The Healing Sign:

As you meditate and gather your Healing Light Energy over the next few days, please attach our healing sigil, the Vesica Pisces, to the Sun when you see it.
This Healing Sign will follow the "Sun's Path" connecting us all as we participate in worldwide Healing Events.

Thank you for your time, effort and blessings.