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Reiki: Master Level Attunement

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Master Level Attunement...

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The Keeper of the Realms

Magickal Fantasy... Forever Love...

Book 2: Follow the Crystal Path - read here...

MERCY Oil...$18.95

Unicorn Horn...$22.95

Reiki: Master Level Attunement

Council of Evermoore - Master Level Attunement...$62.95

When you are ready to move to the next level...

Healers of Evermoore - Ancient Light of Evermoore Reiki

Sold Out of Some Stock

Attunement kit includes:

  • Keeper fo the Realms Book (read here...)
  • MERCY Anointing Oil Vial - Pink Sovereignty Realm
  • Selenite Spiral Unicorn Horn -White Stillness Realm
  • Affirmation and Prayers in Preparation to receive the Attunement
  • Documents of instruction for Unicorn Healing Method
  • Meditation of Establishment
  • Personal Master Attunement sent at appointed time

There will be also a few questions to answer and a registration process and a certificate of fullfillment.

Awaken your Divinity, find your Magick... follow the call of the Unicorn...

Long known to be creatures who dwell in the mist of remembrance, Unicorns are now coming closer.
It is believed that it is now time for gentle souls to hear the call of the Unicorn; to turn and heed, to understand the way back.

Too long has there been a roaring noise to have dominion over the planet and all it contains.
Unicorn calls us to remember who we are.

Stepping from the Astral Realms of Light into the Ethereal Realms of our plane, Unicorns come to guide Healers.

You must always remember: The real Magick on Earth is that Time changes everything.
Those things of the Ethereal Realms are the constants, the never-changing Truths and the Immortal Beings who remain the same, untouched by decay, deception or the ravages of Time for Evermoore.

There we cannot evolve or grow more enlightened.
Here, in this Earth plane, is where we come to make the needed changes in our souls and seek our enlightenment; all the while reaching out in kindness to those beside whom we walk.