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Earth Magick Ritual

What is your heritage? Celebrate your connection to the Ancestors and this beautiful planet Earth ~ an amazing place of comfort and joy, secure place of life in an endless empty universe for as far as we can see...

"Seek beyond, my dear one, stretch to reach your star.
Be brave, be bold, be daring, succeed and grow... look afar...
But don't forget; be rooted, and know just where you stand. Fall to Earth, rest in the moss, find comfort and joy in the land." Calya

Earth Magick Ritual...

Heal the Planet...

Comfort the Earth

This year, with these Earth Magick Rituals, let us endeavor to Journey in order to connect deeply with this planet of Life.

So often we seek to reach Spiritual heights, this year as we face more unknowns, let us remember to fall back to Earth for this is where we live!

As far as we can see from here, the spark of life as we know it does not exist any where close to us in the Universe. We know life exists - but not close enough to touch... except here on Earth. On Earth, the Spirit of Magick - Life - exists in every nook and cranny.

And although it has flourished for 3.5 billion years - Mother Earth is being distressed - beaten - robbed - raped... This Earth Day - and every day - , let us comfort Mother Earth.

Seek, Find, Open, amd Use your own Spirituallity.

What do you belive...?

Earth Magick Rituals

By Catherine Avizinis

Things you can do to help protect and heal your Mother Earth:

  • Align to the Natural Cycles of the planet- know the seasons and cycles
  • Strengthen family ties by allowing others to be who they are
  • Remember the past and loved ones who have passed - set out family photos
  • Welcome strangers, learn from differences in other cultures
  • Re-connect to your own cultural traditions, decorations, music, and foods
  • Look inward to your Spiritual Life ~ Look outward to your place in the world
  • Tell stories of from whence you came
  • Feast... Celebrate... Lights in the darkness
  • Set a Crystal Grid
  • Pray - speak out all you feel into the darkness and ask for help

Set a Crystal Grid

Crystal Grid- Shield and Mend
Shield and Mend Grid

Chose your purpose...

Pray and Ask...

Prayer Bracelets

What is your Prayer...

Honor Your Birthright...

Bound into one...

Who are you...

Study St Brigid

ST Brigid of Ireland
Go to this page to learn many traditions of St Brigid and hear the Magickal Harp of Aine Minogue...

Learn from the past...

Wear St Brigid's Cross

St Brigid's Cross
Shield and Mend Grid

Learn from the past...

All copyrights belong to Catherine Avizinis. This poem may not be copied or used digitally or in physical form in any way without permission of author.