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New Age Store: Runes- Chart of Rune Meanings

The Key Power- Elelment- Color Magick- Meaning and Use of Ancient Runes

Learn the Secrets of the Runes... still a hidden knowledge to most people... Ancient, Secretive, a Special Code for friends.

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"F" {the Rune Feoh, pronounced 'fe-uh'} is the Primal Symbol for Fire, an absolute necessity of our Ancient Ancestors. We get words like fear, first, flame and find from this Rune's energy. It signifies energies of hard won acquisitions, like Fire itself, and how frightful the loss of it would be. It could also be an indicator of wealth, respect, love or even help for which one has had to work for and sacrifice something of the self to obtain. Also the emotions and psychic feelings which are magick.

Key Power: Hard won
Element: Fire, as energy
That which can burn yet not be destroyed.
Color: Purple(feminine red)
Aligned with: Freyja, Primal Mother Earth
Willing to be "burned" or "sacrificed" to bring forth new life, feminine Magick.
Special Use: Childbirth


"U" {the Rune Ur, pronounced 'oo-rh'} is the Primal Symbol for Wild Ox Horns, the natural weapons of power, protection and innate strength. We get words like urgent, up, under, undone, undermine, or un-anything. It signifies energies of regal wisdom and sovereignty as a crown on the head, and most importantly the tests of strengths we might not know we have. There could be an indication of physical strength or weakness or illness.

Key Power: Sovereign
Element: Water/Earth symbolized as a Waterfall
Color: Pink to Mauve
Aligned with: Thor god of thunder and might but also the Norn Urd, who manages our Fate.
Special Use:Self-Direction


Thorn"TH" {the Rune Thorn, pronounced 'torn'} is the Primal Symbol of the Thorn, the sharp point of entanglement that grabs your attention. We get words like this, that, the, thick, threat, thrall from the energy of this rune. It signifies that which instigates, projects into or interferes and is very phallic being the symbol of the male aggression and causal effect. There could be an indication of an attack or need to be on the defensive.

Key Power: Thorn in your Side
Element: Fire as Destroyer
Color: Burgundy
Aligned with: Thor god of thunder and might and his Battle Hammer
Special Use: Breaking bad Habits


As "A" {the Rune As, pronounced 'ahsh'} is the symbol of the Great Ash Tree or Tree of Life. In Norse Mythology this great tree connects the worlds of the Heavens, Earth and Underworld; the lands of the gods, men, ice giants and the dead. The Rune signifies the energy of asking, seeking out the divine and other worlds for Answers, Truth and Wisdom. We get our words ask, as, ascend, assure. It tells us of the shamanic journey, ascending the Tree, and the ability to ask for help, direction, to be shown without feeling the self diminished, and the power of invoking.

Key Power: Ask, Seek Truth and Knowledge
Element:Air as space and Time
Color: Gold
Aligned with: Odin, king of the gods, the All Father, God of Life and Death. Obtained the Runes in his quest for Wisdom.
Special Use: When needing answers from another, Seeking in Divination.


"R" {the Rune Rad, pronounced 'rahd') is the symbol of a Chariot, the journey, traveling or going around in circles. We get our words radius, radial, and radio from this Rune; the energy to radiate out from the center and make a circle. Also any of the words with "re" to begin them, repeat, reconcile, re-negotiate, and re-circulate. It tells us of the energy to travel, move and yet always have a home base or center. There may be an indication of several moves and "re-locations", but also the ability to reach out to others and bring them into the circle.

Key Power: Journey
Element: Earth, as in Volcanic stone.
Color: Black
Aligned with: Tyr,the God of courage and battle; especially life's daily battles.
Special Use: Good Luck in Travel


Ken "C" {the Rune Ken, pronounced 'ken', the root of both our letter "C" and "K"} is the symbol of Light as knowledge breaking open the darkness. The Scottish 'ken', ' to know', comes from this Rune as do our words keen, clear and crack, as in crack open. It signifies enlightenment, openness to new thoughts, as well as a new beginning, like Spring or a new day dawning. There may be indications that the Winds of Change are blowing but also be careful not to change with every passing thought.

Key Power: Be Open to Change
Element: Air, as Wind
Color: Yellow
Aligned with: Freyja, Primal Mother Goddess
Special Use: new studies or changes, seeking enlightenment.


Gyfu. "G" {the Rune Gyfu (pronounced 'gif')} is the symbol of crossed hands, held in caring partnership, the handshake or embrace. We get our words gift, get, give, grant from this Rune. The energy is of a binding agreement and gifts or tokens of promise to be allies, companions, lovers or partners as in business but moreover marriage. There is much caring and charity attached to this symbol. There may also be indications of an imbalance of giving and receiving or stinginess.

Key Power: Gifts, partnerships
Element: Earth as in reciprocative balance
Color: Green
Aligned with: Odin, All Father & Freyja, All Mother
Special Use: new relationships, marriage, births, business contracts.


Wynn "W" {the Rune Wynn, (pronounced whuena)} is the symbol of a flag or pennant. As the flag of the ruler waves over the castle where the ruler resides, it signifies that all is well with the World, Joy! We get our words "whew", when, wind, whistle and white from this Rune. There is contentment, peace, wholeness and wellness. There may also be an indication of after the accomplishment…the let down.

Key Power: Peace and Joy.
Element: Earth, as in flowers
Color: Green
Aligned with: Odin, God of Nature
Special Use: Happy end to the story - All is well


Hagal "H", {the Rune Hagal (pronounced hag-l)} is the symbol of the hoar-frost, Winter and the snow storm. The energy here is upset, and set back. This is the breaking down of the old to bring out the new. We get our words heave, heavy, help, hinder, hope from this Rune. There may also be an indication of forces beyond your control which are producing chaos, but that is the state of being just before creation, so hold on.

Key Power:Chaos
Element: Spirit
Color: White
Aligned with: Heimdall, guardian of the Ice Realms and the Underworld
Special Use: breaking old habits, a stalemate.


Nyd "N" {the Rune Nyd (pronounced 'need')} is the symbol of a wound or cut; needs and how they can be stumbling blocks to stop the progress but also to develop patience while figuring out the next move. We get our words need, knock, knee (bending to another's will), never and new from this Rune. It tells us of the energy of reaching into the darkness of the 'never' and acknowledging the need that seems to block the desired results. There may also be an indication of being too oblivious to other's needs.

Key Power: Necessity and desire
Element: Fire as the heat
Color: Peach
Aligned with: Frigga, Primal Mother Goddess and healer
Special Use: Need money in a hurry!


Is "I" {the Rune Is (pronounced 'ice')} is the primal symbol for ice, oneness and alone, We get our words I and isolation and independent from this Rune. It tells us the story of ice, cold and being alone but also how that can teach independent thinking and self-empowerment. The elementals may be frozen and things may come to a stand-still for a time, but the indications are that it is what is best for now. .

Key Power: Stillness Independence, alone
Element: Water/Earth as Ice
Color: Blue
Aligned with: Skadi, Goddess of Ice and Snow
Special Use: Hiding, needing to be alone


Jera "J" or "Y" {the Rune Jera (pronounced 'jhera' or 'yhera')} is the symbol of crossroads. There is an energy of choices here. We get our words choice, yes, choose, just, cherish, year from this Rune. The saying 'harvest what you have sown' is exactly what this symbol means. The choices we make bring us to the next crossroad, the next choice and they all are results of previous choices. We can participate in our own Journey, make wise, well thought-out, honorable choices that are fair for all concerned and your next crossroad won't be so confusing. There may also be an indication of loss, or over extending oneself.

Key Power: Results of choices.
Element: Earth/Air as in fruitfulness
Color: Lime
Aligned with: Freyja, Goddess of growth
Special Use: decision making.


Eoh "E " {the Rune Eoh (pronounced ee-uh)} is the symbol of the magickal Yew Tree; the strong unifying force in nature, and the force that forms a firm foundation then binds things together in Unity. We get our words you, yew, yours, and unite, unity and union but also each, every, energy and Earth. It tells us of the energy to build a solid plan of action and then hold the project together until the desired results are achieved. There may also be indications of stubbornness or an unwillingness to give up or compromise.

Key Power: Together
Element: Earth, as in trees
Color: Black Green
Aligned with: Odin as the God sacrificed to himself on the Tree
Special Use: Binding or
Starting a new endeavor


Peorth "P" {the Rune Peorth (pronounced purt eh)} is the symbol of the womb. It carries the energy of things hidden, mysterious and occult but also that are given to us for helps. Those aspects that are unknown. We get our words purpose, patience, plan, prepare, promise from this Rune. There are things in this Universe that affect us of which we are not aware, not just things that we don't know yet but also the mystical, magickal aspects. That is why we use Divinations. There may also be an indication of keeping secrets and lying.

Key Power: Mystery
Element: Water/Spirit as in the veil between the worlds
Color: Pale Pink
Aligned with: Frigg, Female aspects Goddess
Special Use: When needing to know the Magickal aspects of a situation. Spell work


Elhaz "E" {the Rune Elks (pronounced 'elgz')} is the symbol of Elk horns. This is a great clan symbol, the power of family and coming together for protection and the Good Luck that provides. If our Ancestors could follow a herd of Elk they were better assured of survival and a sure food supply. Words like each and every come from this Rune. Everyone's Survival depends on each other. What Good Luck! There may also be indications of being overly defensive or sensitive.

Key Power: Together
Element: Earth, as in trees
Color: Black Green
Aligned with: Odin as the God sacrificed to himself on the Tree
Special Use: Gambling, Business ventures, Risks


Sigil "S", [the Rune Sigil (pronounced sig l)} is the symbol of the Sun, the strong rays of the Sunshine. This energy comes like a bolt out of the Blue and is sometimes figured as a bolt of lightening. We get our words Sun, signal, sight, shoot, send from this Rune. It tells us of Vital Truth. There may also be an indication of unpleasant surprise.

Key Power: Light of Truth
Element: Air, but more over the Light of Day
Color: Yellow
Aligned with: Balder, the Beautiful, Wise and Bright and Merciful
Special Use: Truth be Known


Tyr "T" {the Rune Tyr, (pronounced teer)} is the symbol of the Victor's spear. It signifies motives, creativity, ambition and winning success. We get our words take, tear, terror, top, tame and talent from this Rune. There is an energy of battle, strength, fighting and winning. There may also be an indication of legal matters and perhaps contention.

Key Power: Victory
Element: Fire, as in raging flame
Color: Red
Aligned with: Tyr, the God of War
Special Use: When needing to win!


Beorc "B", {the Rune Beorc (pronounced bir-ka)} is a symbol of the Breasts of Mother Earth. It signifies the energies of devotion, nurturing, healing through nursing and care. We get our words Birch, breast, be, baby from this Rune. The Ancients very readily honored the role of Nursing care and mothering as Life giving and prolonging. There is also an energy of regeneration; the Birch tree was the first thing to return to growth after the last ice-age. There may also be an indication of being childish, and needing to be look-after

Key Power: Re-generation, Recovery
Element: Earth, as new growth
Color: Aqua
Aligned with: Freyja, Primal Mother Goddess and also Hild, who restores the dead to life.
Special Use: Childcare and any recovery issues, health or projects.


Ehwaz "E",{the Rune Ehwaz (pronounced eh-ws)} is the symbol of two horses and movement. It signifies the pulling together as a team to accomplish the desired result; and very often an adventure into the unknown. We get our words energy, engine, encounter, event and endeavor from this Rune. There may be agreements indicated but also a duality of though or purpose of which to be aware.

Key Power: Adventure, movement
Element: Earth, animals
Color: Black and White
Aligned with: Frey and Freyja
Special Use: Contracts, new endeavors and moving location.


Mann "M" (the Rune Mann (pronounced 'mahn')} is the symbol of female and male in union on Earth and represents humankind. We get our words ma, mother, man, make, moon, and month from this Rune. The 'male', then, comes from the female energy. It was 'Ma in the Moon', not Man … and the Rune, being the Northern European Yin/Yang, signifies the union of the two opposite Primal Energies of the Universe, which when united make the All, the One the Whole. There may be indications of being very social, or involved in the service of others or warning of deception.

Key Power: Mankind, Relationships
Element: Air, as Life-breath
Color: Green
Aligned with: Odin & Frigg; the Sky-Father & Earth Mother
Special Use: Relationships and union of Families


Lagu "L" {the Rune Lagu (pronounced 'loch' as in the Scottish loch)} is the symbol of flowing water, it goes where it pleases and if the way is somehow blocked, it will flow around it and find another path without dismay. We get our words lake, long, liquid, linger and laugh. It tells us of the energy to obtain the desired result, even if it takes a long time, and the ability to keep a sense of humor while doing so.

Key Power: Flow and laughter
Element: Water
Color: Purple
Aligned with: Skadi and Njord. Njord is God of the Oceans and Skadi, his wife leaves him to retuen to the mountains and then back to the sea.
Special Use: Decisions and a good sense of humor.


Ing "ING" {the Rune Ing (pronounced 'ng')} is the symbol of the outer female genitals, very feminine; mighty in tenderness, very creative, busy and accomplished. We get all of our words ending in 'ing' from this Rune; signifying a state of being…. working, singing, hoping, crying, thinking, laughing, lifting, resting…being. There may also be an indication of these things ceasing…depression or death.

Key Power: Being, Doing
Element: Fire
Color: Red
Aligned with: Inga, the All Feminine (names like Ing and Yngvi were given to men to bestow the qualities upon them. A whole race of people took their name from this, the Angles and then the English
Special Use: Getting FIRED UP!


Othal "O",{the Rune Odal ot Othal,(pronounced
odth-l like yodel)} is the symbol of the fence or home. It was a secure feeling to have a wall or fence around your home, family and possessions. Not only did this offer safety but also set you claim. We get our words over, own, oath, order from this Rune. The energy of this Rune concerns property and prosperity, promise and possessions. All the things we own which provide us with security and the home we make for our family. There may be an indication of jealousy and greed.

Key Power: Security and protection
Element: Spirit, as in nests and records and castles
Color: Brown
Aligned with: Odin, the Father provider
Special Use: Wills, marriages, inheritance.

Daeg "D" {the Rune Daeg (pronounced day-g)} is the symbol of the Day. We get our words day, of course, but also dig, direct, do, dive and drive. It tells of the immediacy and directed focus of a situation. It is the consciousness and the motivation to accomplish. There may be also indications of disregard for the emotions attached to any issue and a preference to drive ahead

Key Power: Immediate Manifestation
Element: Fire, as focused Sunlight (Lime-Light)
Color: Lime Green
Aligned with: Heimdahl, the Guardian of Asgard/Heaven
Special Use: To end procrastination.


Wyrd The Blank Rune….this does not mean 'nothing' it means 'anything and everything' is absolutely possible. It is the symbol of the Universe; the vast oneness and totality of the All.
We get our word weird from this word.

Key Power: Stillness,
Magickal Spiritual Response
Element: Spirit
Color: Crystal clear
Aligned with: Wyrd, that is Fate
Special Use: Hope