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Shiva Lingam

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#1 ~ 3inch - 8oz


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Gem Shiva Lingam Set............$48.95 $44.00

Shiva: the good and complete...

The Healing stones called Shiva Lingam have a long history of sacredness and prayer.

Here is a set of 15 premium quality gemstone eggs, Shiva Lingam, approximately 1 inch each and sent to you in a velvet pouch.

15 Stones include: Amethyst, Aventurine, Quartz with Tourmaline, Lapis, Moonstone, Golden Quartz, Quartz, Amazonite, Sunstone, Sardonyx, Orange Elestial Quartz, Tiger Eye, Moss Agate Rose Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone.

Eggs are used by healers to restart cycles; especially after trauma or drastic changes.
Use eggs to revitalize during ailments.

The egg shape carries a completeness energy - completed tasks, completed cycles... completed being. The egg contains all it needs - all that there is - and is at the same time primal masculine and primal feminine united into the whole.

Originally found as they tumbled down the Narmada River in springtime, they were considered natural gifts from the gods - Shiva in particular. Smoothed and shaped in the process of their journey, they were collected as sacred objects - sacred prayer stones - and set in places of honor. Oval, egg-shaped stone gifts symbolizing the completed work of Shiva, the Good, they were passed down within families.

Use these as Springtime prayer stones...

pick one up each day

Gem Shiva Lingam Set

$48.95 $44.00


approximately 1inch each
assorted pouches

Color Healing:

White and Multi

Each of these egg shaped stones have a sacred Geometry of 10 - meaning a return to the Beginning to start again. This is great for releasing long held resentment and will be a necessity in your Healers Tool Kit.
(See Sacred Geometry)

The Shiva Lingam is a representation of the procreative/sexual organ of the god Shiva. It is often set within a bowl shaped vessel to denote the Female sexual organs and the completeness of the union.

The Lingam is the life-giving phallic symbol which is used in ceremonies for fertility and new beginnings.

When joined with your intentions, the phallus Shiva Lingam is said to help new thought forms to materialize in your life.