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How to Have a Seanace

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How to Have a Seance...

Reach out to those on the Other-side… with my Seance Kit

There are four things to remember when holding a Spirit Gathering Séance. You will be venturing on a Journey into the Spirit World so:

  1. Prepare ahead- Have a Purpose for the Seance
  2. Set the location mindfully- use the Seance Kit
  3. Choose your Seance sitters with care
  4. Clear the Seance space after
Preparing ahead for your Séance:

Believe in what you are planning to do.
Dabblers tend to call in distorted energies and then may not know how to clear them away. There is nothing to be afraid of when dealing with Spirits; but remember- the "people" are the same people as when they were alive. They are not all shimmering, Etheric, saintly apparitions who know how to communicate with you; and if they were chaotic, rude or abusive then, they may still be the same. Decide carefully on whom you will try to contact and call in to your circle.

Have reasonable expectations and know that this takes practice and belief. Do not rush. Someone will need to be the designated leader of the group or Medium. If you have someone with Magickal abilities, wonderful; but you will also need an Anchor, someone who is less prone to flights of the Mystickal and who will keep things safe and sound as the Séance progresses.

If you are gathering a group of sitters, let it be for a kind and gentle purpose; like inquiring after a loved ones needs or happiness or seeking guidance in an issue.

Choose the time, place, sitters and most importantly purpose for your Séance. Attention to detail here prevents confusion and stress during the Spirit Gathering.

Set the Location Mindfully:

Atmosphere is important as your thoughts carry to the spirits and will receive the messages from them. Visual aides are always a help. Clear it with smudge, incense, bells, drums, light, sprinkled salt water and your intentions… any combination will do.

Most people expect a round table covered with a cloth and a few candles. Do not forfeit safety... but dim lights and candles are best. Pictures of the deceased, clothing or objects that belonged to them are good connectors. Scents like scented candles, incense or Aromatherapy bring in emotions and Psychic energies. Clear the question of allergies before hand. Everyone must feel comfortable with the temperature, chairs and seating arrangements. ...have they used the bathroom ...have they eaten …turn off cell phones, etc. It is not good practice to disrupt the Séance while it is in session; it breaks the Magick spell. Play some soft music-- especially harp music as the Spirits arrive on vibrations.

Use the Séance Kit I have put together:
  1. The Medium shall put on the Protection Medal- the Key to open & close the door
  2. The Anchor shall use several drops of the Oil on his hands to anoint the tools and all the gathered sitters by touching them on the top of their head.
  3. The Medium shall light the candle as a focus and beacon in the center and spread the Ouija Cloth with the pendulum in hand for receiving answers
  4. Begin by holding hands and the Medium shall declare the PURPOSE.

(Holding up the Pendant…) "With this Key I now unlock the Portal Door…" (All clap once)

"Gathered are we in this Sacred Space to reach across the great Divide; We call on (name) to come to us now, with Light we connect to the Other-side" "Dear 'name', we respectfully ask that you honor us with your presence this evening."

Be patient and calm. This chant shall be spoken then by all until the Spirit arrives. There will be some "knowing" by one or more of the sitters. Look for a number of people who get the same message or vision or feeling during the session, these confirm the influence of a single entity.

Hands shall now be let go; it is no longer necessary. There could be a thump or breeze or a message to the Medium to signal when the spirit or spirits arrive.

Here is a word to the wise: This is like a party. You may have added relatives or friends drop in, a family pet may decide to run through or even un-invited guests.

Be respectful and listen. Hear what they all have to say. But it is the job of the Anchor to keep things on track, make sure the Purpose is fulfilled and the needed questions asked. If things get scary, confusing, noisy, unruly or hostile, the Anchor shall declare for order. (see instructions)

If an entity will not leave, no matter what you do, end the séance. Chances are good that it's been attracted to someone in your group who is dysfunctional.

Close and Lock the Door:
When your Séance is finished the Medium shall declare it so. Be sure no one is still entranced, sleep-like, and if they are, do not shake them awake. They will return soon with a message.
Bid the Spirits good bye and thank them for coming to be with you.

The Medium shall say; "We thank you all for honoring us with your light of your presence and for the effort you have made to be here with us this evening; especially (name). We bid you farewell and release you to move on. Return to your place and we shall return to ours. (Holding up the Pendant…) "With this Key I close and lock the Portal Door. (All clap once) This Gathering is ended but the Circle is never broken."

All should clap and talk and laugh and share refreshment.