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Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice Magick...

Earth Magick Rituals...

Winter Solstice and Yuletide Bright...

a time to better understanding what makes us tick ~

Like the clocks ticking away the last minutes before things begin all over again, it's time to resonate with the Seasons and Cycles of life:

  • Aligning to the Natural Cycles of the planet
  • Strengthening family ties by allowing others to be
  • Remembering the past and loved ones who have gone on
  • Welcoming in strangers and learning from differences
  • Re-connecting to your own cultural traditions, decorations, music, and foods - oh, the foods!
  • Looking inward to your Spiritual Life
  • Looking outward to your place in the world
  • Feasting... Celebrating... Lights in the darkness
  • Stories of from whence we came

Sparkling Solstice to you.

Tale of a Winter Solstice©

By Catherine Avizinis

Ago and Away... Ago and Away... when ancient things were new;
When dragons walked and oak trees talked and Faer Folk danced in the dew...
Along the Old Path from the Dark Wood, the Shamanka would travel and roam...
with drums and bells and runes and tells and songs with words unknown.

Into your village... into your town, with her furry white cat at her side
in the icy-bright air, with frost in her hair... the kind Wise Woman would ride.
Would it be at their house, or your house or my house she'd stay...? Let's all make a wonderful feast!
with puddings and plums... Play the fiddle! Beat the drums! Hang the holly! Roast the geese!

T'was at the darkening of the year... Mother Nature grew cold, scarce, and bleak.
The Sun was at his shortest course... Father Time, old and weak.
But the promise of Solstice brought comfort and Joy and we knew without doubt in our heart
that if Shamanka had come... and our wishes were made... then a bright new year would soon start!

"Why have you come?" and "Why have you come?" was asked of each one in turn.
Late into the night the bright Wishes were made as the Yule Log did burn and burn...
Then when the longest, darkest night had passed... and the Old Year was now a new day...
We'd sing, and ring, and dance for joy to chase the cold darkness away!

All copyrights belong to Catherine Avizinis. This poem may not be copied or used digitally or in physical form in any way without permission of author.