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Summer Solstice ~ Midsummers Eve

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Summer Solstice ~ Midsummers Eve

What you need to do on Missummer's Eve... Soltice Magick!

This year Summer Solstice in Universal Coordinated Time
is on Monday, June 20, 2016 at 22:34 UTC

Midsummer Night is the eve of the Summer Solstice; around June 20th-21st. It is celebrated as the longest hours of daylight and for being half way between the dark and light halves of the year. Magickal!

Our ancestors lived their lives in accordance with the Seasons and Cycles of the Natural world, and the All Powerful Sun was revered... life-giving... fertility-creating... the Yang principle of the Regal Lord of our existence. Lock into this important celebration... celebrate the continuance of life and joy and robust health for the planet!

Remember swinging...? When you would reach the furthest point in the length of your swings arch and just before you would start to return the opposite way...? ...that moment of weightless freedom that holds so much promise...? That is Solstice - hope that, perhaps this time, all things will be better...

Marking the calendar at the Equinoxs - Spring and Autumn - when the day and night are equal length; and the Solstices - Summer and Winter - when the moment of still ness and change occurs; the shortest day in Winter and the longest day in Summer.

Each Solstice... Time, and the Earths Journey through the heavens, is held suspended for just a few days... hours... moments... feel it in your heartbeat...

Blessed Solstice to you.

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