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Magic Spells: Avenger Spell

Black Avenger Protection Spell Kit


Kit Contains:

  • 2 Smokey Quartz
  • 1 Black Candle
  • Star Candle Holder
  • Black Oil Blend
  • Magick Cord
  • Pouch
  • Directions

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Black Color Magick Supplies...

Healing with the Color Black...

  The Black Personality...

Black Color Healing
Magick Oil ...$15.95

4 Smokey Quartz...$4.95

Black Chime Candle...$1.95

The Magickal Life:
I have created this kit for all of the dear ones who feel as though there is someone trying to hinder their good progress,(by a curse), and to help protect from un-wanted advances; for no one else has the right to control your life!

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Free Black Color Magick Spell for Revenge

The Black Avenger

Black Color Healing Magick Spell for:

  • Banishing Evil
  • Avenging Wrongs
  • Breaking Curses
  • Repelling Un-wanted Attention

Here is a good Color Magick spell to help send un-wanted attention, evil intentions and trapped, nagging behavior patterns back where they came from- Protect Yourself with Black Color Magick.

You will need:

Smokey Quartz

Black Color Magick Oil

Black Magick Candle

Black Magick Cord

Star Candle Holder

Work this Spell in the Darkening Moon, any time you feel overwhelmed or need to Repel Evil Intentions or to break a certain pattern which seems to follow you wherever you go and effects your life no matter which way you turn.

Prepare Yourself for Ritual...

Prepare Your Space...

List all the aspects in your life which make you feel cursed. Call this "The Curse".

  • Clear your Space in the way you choose

  • Use Black clothing and altar cloths

  • Be sure you have all the items from your kit, matches for lighting the candle, a candle holder

  • Place Your Cauldron in the West- slightly to the left, and the other things in front of you

  • If you wish, call in the Directions or Dieties of your choice for assistance

Carefully Light Black Candle and say:

I Avenge this Evil Curse.... (name it)...

Sacred Black of Candle Deep
I whisper to you; my secret keep.

Whisper your purpose into the flame and set it down again:
Pour 3 drops of Oil into your hands, rub them together, raise them high and say:

Banish this Evil. Break this Curse.
Oil of Dalwynara repel... reverse.

Rub the Oil on the 2 Smokey Quartz Crystals and place them next to the Candle one at a time saying:

Dark Crystals defend and guard me well.
As knots to cord I weave this Spell.

With all the emotion you feel, keep tieing knots in the cord until you feel you are done and the Evil is bound. Wind it loosely around the base of the candle where it sits.

To flickering fire I speak the name.
Evil is now bound to candle flame.

Whisper your purpose into the candle flame:

Now... Smoke take it back from whence it came.
Blow out the Candle and watch until all the smoke has vanished.

Keep your Knotted Cord in the pouch until the next Dark Moon, when there is a New Moon -no moon in the night sky.

Then bury it where you can be sure it stays buried...
a flower pot in your window is a handy place!

Keep the Crystals, Oil and Candle in the pouch for the next time you need to cast the Spell of the Black Avenger.

Please always follow the advice of your own Health Care Provider. I cannot promise you that this Spell will work for you. I can only promise that others have used it with good results and it has worked for me.

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