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Gemstone Healing Kits....from $12.95

Ready to use Gemstone Healing Kits:

  • Pouch contains all you need
  • Carry with you
  • Place under pillow for Dream Magick
  • Gemstones, Crystals, Herbal Magick Potions - essential oils blends

(We are not responsible for allergic reactions- please read list of ingredients)

in a Pouch for You!

Mage Spell Pouch

Mage and Magick

Fluorite and Lepidolite to help orchestrate your Magick

 Mage and Magick Spell Pouch...$12.95

  Contains Fluorite and Lepidolite & vial of Mage Potion-Lavender, Cedarwood, Mint, light Musk

Find Your Way

Find Your Way

Remember who you are and find the next step of what needs to be done with 4 different Tiger Eye stones.

 Find Your Way Healing Kit...$16.95

  Contains Gold, Red, and Blue Tiger Eye and Tiger Iron, vial of This Way Potion- Amber, Frankincense, Vanilla

Sweet Sleep Potion Spell Pouch

Sweet Sleep Potion Spell Pouch

Get a soft, sweet sleep with 3 stones anointed with Sleep Potion.
Banishes Nightmares and over-active mind.

Sweet Sleep Potion Spell Pouch...$12.95

Contains Botswana Agate, Blue Tiger Eye,vial of Sweet Sleep Potion- Rosemary, Basil, Myrrh, Mint

Sun&Moon Potion Spell Pouch

Sun&Moon Potion Spell Pouch

Find balance with two Gemstones and a blend of two Potions.
Sunstone- warm, open, active
Moonstone- cool, reserved, quiet
good after break-up or divorce

Sun&Moon Potion Spell Pouch...$12.95

Contains Sunstone Pendant w/sterling, Moonstone Pendant w/Sterling, and Balance Blend

Answers Potion Spell Pouch

Answers Potion Spell Pouch

Dream the Answers to troubling questions; solutions to difficult problems with Herkimer Diamond Magick

Answers Potion Spell Pouch...$12.95

Contains 1 Herkimer Diamonds, Botswana Agate, Vial of Answers Potion

Love-Luck Potion Spell Pouch

Love-Luck Potion Spell Pouch

Lucky Stones for success in Love, Finances and Winning! Great for Gamblers and sports teams!

Love-Luck Potion Spell Pouch...$12.95

Contains Jade, Sunstone, Vial of Love-Luck Potion

Weight Loss Potion Spell Pouch

Weight Loss Potion Spell Pouch

Banish fatigue with Red Tiger Eye, and Boost Self-Worth with Blue Calcite.
Great if you feel too tired to loose weight.

Weight Loss Potion Spell Pouch...$12.95

Contains Red Tiger Eye, Blue Calcite,
Vial of Weight Loss Potion