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Love Gemstones

Love Gemstones Reunion Kit


Sold Out

Kit Contains:

  • 12ml REWARDS Oil
  • Patchouli Candle
  • Sacred Salt
  • Peridot Crystals
  • Butterfly Charm Pendant
  • Pouch

Color Magick:

Lime Green

Healing Crystals

Gemstone Pendulums



Tarot Decks


Make Crystal Grids

3 Way Holder...$9.95

Relieve Striving...$15.95 The Magickal Life:
I have created this kit for all of the dear ones who are stressed at striving for things that just won't manifest. This Spell draws your energy back to you quickly and will draw a missing or wandering loved one back to you quickly and safely.
Make it happen NOW!

Read More about Calya and The Calya Journey-Wise System...

Love Gemstones Reunion Kit................................$24.95

Love Gemstones: Reunion... reward... good fortune stones

Sometimes we just can't seem to get what we want.
Give up...? Force issues...? Use Lime Healing Energy to help change your luck...

The wonderful Spell uses Peridot, Patchouli and Amber, Sacred Salt, and Essential Oils of Lime, Lemon, Frankincense and Black Pepper to instigate the energies which cause the flow to return to you. This is useful for love, money, work, and any time you need to see the reward for your efforts.

Gemstones, candle fire Magick and Meditation combine in this spell to help relieve the frustration of striving after people or things that seem to be escaping you.
You'll be sure to meet old friends!

Lime Color Healing Magick Spell for:

  • Manifesting NOW!
  • Reunions and end of strife
  • Drawing lost things back to you
  • Rewards- what is due

You will need:

Amber/Patchouli Candle

Peridot Crystals

Butterfly Charm Pendant

Lime Color Magick Oil

Sacred Salt

Candleholder (purchase separately)

This Refreshing and Empowering Spell should be performed just before dawn, as the Sun is rising or any time you need to make things happen now.
Choose a time when you will not be interrupted to begin your Magickal work.

Prepare Yourself for Ritual...

Prepare Your Space...

Part of the Incantations for this Spell:

Should it harm none, I quietly ask
that I may get what I want right now.

Sweet Jade bring this Reunion to pass
that I may get what I want right now.

Keep the Crystals, Oil and Salt in the pouch for the next time you need to cast the Rendezvous Spell.

Please always follow the advice of your own Health Care Provider. I cannot promise you that this Spell will work for you. I can only promise that others have used it with good results and it has worked for me.

Lime Color Healing Magick

Not getting the things that we want can be a difficult thing to accept. We always need to remember that we cannot cross another's FREE WILL and that we would not want another to cross ours. Working with Lime Green energy brings a situation to a tipping point.

Wow! Unbelievable stuff!

Hello Calya,

I just had to share some information with you because it was too un real for me. I preformed my spell "Rendezvous Lover Return- Relief Spell" early this morning. I felt pretty good about it and felt very positive.

Well totally forgetting what you said about it bring back old freinds. I got on my Facebook account hours after my work like I do daily and right there in black and white two old friends that I have not seen or talked to in over 20's something years found me on Facebook!!! I was blown away by it and than in a instant I remembered what the spell said!!!!

Wow unbelieivable stuff......TB